Holistic Women's Wellness

Bringing the Heart back into Medicine

 George, Western Cape & Online

I am Dr Gauri, a General Practitioner with a special interest in holistic women's healthcare. I integrate traditional wisdom, botanical remedies, and medical expertise to enrich women's health and wellness.

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Services Offered


  • GP consultation for acute, short visit

  • Women's Whole Wellness consultation

    Includes complete history and examination, as well as nutritional, supplemental, functional, lifestyle & botanical approaches and support.  

  • Labs & Screening

  • Mental Health

  • Pregnancy, Homebirth and Postpartum


  • Women's Wellness Foundations

    A women's health course teaching the fundamentals of taking care of our body, mind and soul with the intelligence of Nature. 

  • Sacred Model of Birth

    Classes on a Gentle, conscious and safe approach to supporting physiological birth 

  • Postpartum Support training

    Courses to teach women to support women in their postpartum time

Talks & Suport

  • Women's Health topic monthly

    Information sharing around holistic approaches to women's health and wellness. 

  • Birth and Postpartum Talks

    Monthly dive into topics around birth and postpartum for women for birthkeepers and health practitioners. 

  • Postpartum & Breastfeeding support

    Monthly support gatherings for pregnant and postpartum mothers

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Hi, I’m Gauri Lowe

I am passionate about bringing a Sacred awareness to Women’s Healthcare. As a medical doctor I soon became frustrated with a very limited set of tools and a very misguided approach to women’s wellness.

After the homebirth of my first son, I noticed a vast difference in the gentle, conscious approach to birth and postpartum compared to the practices and attitudes I found in the hospitals and clinics.

I knew every women deserved a more sacred approach at this important time in her and her families life.

I studied herbalism, Ayurveda, functional medicine, Vedic philosophy and consciousness to understand how to bridge the gap and bring women the medicine they deserved and I feel yearn for.

This bought me to Womb Wisdom as Medicine as I realised the profound healing we each carry in our own womb wisdom and the intelligence of the design of Mother Nature.


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