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When a mother embraces her newborn baby, her third child to her chest with deep loving affection and relief, a few minutes old and you witness THE MOST precious time in a life….and she says “this is the first time I am seeing a newborn” wander…. what is so wrong with the system that she did not have this with her first 2 children?

Why is she and many other mothers AND babies being robbed of this important and integral moment.

THIS is why I will keep doing what I do and speaking what I speak…and writing what I write…..

This is the birth right of every mother and baby.

PLEASE DO NOT let anyone take THIS moment away from you without valid medical reason.

This mom got to discover the unknown sex of her baby by her own hands and eyes. The baby was not cleaned, weighed, injected minutes after being born and then adorned in nappy and towel and shown to the mom. She asked “Is it a boy or a girl?” and we helped her have a look herself and she said “it’s a Boy!”

It makes a crucial difference. This beautiful newborn baby lay on his mom’s chest adjusting to the outside world, still hearing the familiar heartbeat and familiar smells. You could see on his face that he was peaceful, nurtured and curious about life in the safety of his mother’s chest and closeness.

Make it known before you give birth this is what you expect.


This moment can never happen again. And it DOES make a difference. That baby’s world perceptions are being formed….what he knows and feels as normal and acceptable. Love, trust, security.

We owe it to ourselves.

Peace on Earth begins with Birth. 

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