It was an intense sharing after an intense week. We were tired, begging for answers, needing support and also feeling deeply satisfied after that week. She turned to me and looked (or locked) me in her eyes and said “Thank you for all you are doing.”

My instinct is to look away, brush it aside and practically reflect it. By not looking I could dismiss it and not take it personally. My words wanted to say “Oh it’s nothing,” “oh no, thank YOU!” “I am just trying but I still have far to go.” Or something equivalent to really not take it in, to deflect it and continue to feel unsupported and unappreciated.

It was not easy to hear her. But I did. I stayed locked in her eyes. I drank in her simple words and allowed them to wash over me and into me. I stayed staring into her eyes afterwards and said “Thank you.” back to her. And I meant it. 

I allowed myself to feel appreciated.

It was like elixir medicine.

We all deserve to be appreciated – why is it so hard to receive gratitude and appreciation?

I started reflecting on this.

It was a very simple exchange but very powerful. Her gratitude filled my cup. It made me realise that the efforts, the time and the energy and skills I am putting out there are worth it.

The next time you feel gratitude – let someone know!

The next time you receive gratitude receive it with joy and acceptance!

You deserve it!

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