Self-examination is a powerful and grounded way to learn female anatomy. Although it may bring up a bunch of emotions and reactions, or not.

So notice what emotions or conversations may be triggered for you in reading about this exercise and preparing for it. Observe your thoughts with compassion and curiosity. And when you are ready you may proceed:

Have a mirror, lubrication like olive oil or coconut oil, a basin to wash hands, and towel to dry.

Take a few deep breathes before starting and feel into your body. You can lie down to start or lay back and bend your knees and place a mirror opposite your legs. You can also just put a mirror on the floor and squat above it but then the organs will be showing a different relationship with gravity. So lying back is probably more comfortable.

Use the oil on your fingers as you start and follow the process below.

Take some time to journal or reflect on how it made you feel and be gentle with yourself as any emotions may come up. Do not do it if you are not feeling comfortable. Listen to your body.