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Online Mother Circles with Gauri & Jess


In the Bliss Mother Collective we hold monthly online circles of connection for women to come together to uplift each others visions and dreams but also to be the support structure we so dearly miss in today's modern society. 

We are committed to creating spaces for women to reconnect with the truth of their own inner wisdom and knowing because It is when we commit to nourishing our relationship with ourselves that we thrive in mothering…

We feel strongly that our innate power as mothers is supported and nurtured in spaces of community, with like-minded beings.


If you are a woman or a mother searching for a village to call your Home, this is your space to unfurl, to feel light again and be reminded of your true bliss state.

We co-create & we hold each-other as we foster a deep committed relationship with ourselves and our truth.

Parenting becomes a journey to address our own "stuff" bringing our attention to areas where we need to heal to embrace and Be the blissful Mother we know we can be for our Beloved Children.

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Dear Mother,

Are you feeling overwhelmed in Motherhood?

Do you have an inner knowing that Mothering can come from a place of ease?

Are you ready to commit to the true power that sisterhood can be, in a safe container where you can connect with like-minded mothers to share, reflect & grow?

Are you calling in deep soul connections and authenticity in your relationships?

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If your whole body is saying YES then listen to the messages Dear One, it is Divine Guidance beckoning you!

Our hearts yearn for your presence as we gather, united in the shared embrace of Motherhood's sacred journey.

The time is ripe to claim your cherished place within this transcendent circle of wisdom and WOMEN...

What is in the membership?

A bunch of easy to use resources we have created to access immediately and work through as we go. 

A monthly online gathering where we will co-create and share our own lived experiences based on the specific topic of that month.

Dedicated private whatsapp group to support, share and connect. 

Gain step-by-step guidance to hold you while you connect and source from your own innate Mothering wisdom. 

8 value-packed resources to support, reflect and guide you to your innate Mothering and healing. 

Monthly Topics

Within the depths of our shared circle, immerse yourself in the themes we have lovingly prepared for the coming months. Each topic holds the power to uplift and guide you on your soulful path of motherhood:

The role of Womb wisdom and healing in Mothering

Sacred Postpartum Preparation & Calling in your village of support

Rebirth and initiation into Mothering

Sister & Mother wounds - Repairing & Healing

Conscious Parenting and nurturing deep connections with our children

Reparenting Ourselves & Nurturing our Inner Child

Resetting your Nervous System with the Elements

Self-love and Self-care practices

Feminine Leadrship & Aligning with Abundance mindset

Conscious conflicts, Boundary setting & Relationship shifts

Ceremony and Ritual in Mothering

Women's Sacred Rights of Passage - Honoring & Embodying our Feminine Nature

How does it work?

Every last Wednesday of the month we gather on zoom for 1.5 hours

You receive an email to prepare for the next gathering

The monthly circle is a held, safe and non-judgemental space for sharing our joys, challenges and practices

Dedicated whatsapp support community of like-minded mothers in the Bliss Mother Collective

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Meet your hosts


I'm Jess

I am a mother of 3 very different souls, Kai (8), Indy (6), and Bastion (2).

We live on a farm amidst a pine plantation and a beautiful indigenous forest on the garden Route of SA. We will spend most of this year travelling to Indonesia and Lithuania (my husbands home country), where we will be following more of a world schooling approach with our kids.

I would describe myself as a multi passionate entrepreneur and a constant student of life. This year I became a community mentor for a pioneering new paradigm of parenting community and I have definitely found my my soul's 'work'.

Prior to conceiving our third baby I really took a deep dive into my own inner work and my spiritual being was ignited. We consciously conceived him and I had a wild and sovereign pregnancy. This is how I healed my own birth trauma along with the sacred tool of Breathwork.

I believe our children are brought to us to impart their wisdom and inner knowing and help us in our own healing. They are our guides and if we just let them be their true authentic selves, without judgement, the easier our parenting journeys become. This has been a major lesson for me in raising my children in a conscious and loving way and they continue to teach me every single day.

Meet your hosts

Hi there,

I'm Gauri

I have 2 sons, Lochan and Shyam age 10 and 17 years old. We live between India and South Africa and are presently based in a beautiful forest seaside town on the Garden Route, SA. My husband sells and curates natural incense and I teach women a deeply holistic, womb-based approach to self-healing. 

My son was born while I was in 3rd-year medical school. I completed my medical training but the birth of my son and my mothering experience brought everything I was learning into a different perspective. 

By the birth of my second son, I left the medical system to radically unschool my practice and deeply embody womb wisdom as medicine approach. 

My mothering journey has brought me to question, challenge and embody my own knowing and intuition for my sons as I realised the “other” does not know better than me. Through my ongoing support for women I have come to absolutely know that we are the best mothers for our children and when we can wholly embrace our role as guide and supported for our children, I know the world will be a better, more peaceful, and more loving place. 

Words from the beautiful women inside our community...

Through our own inner work & healing we have found true kindred spirits and built connections that will last a lifetime. Sacred and unspoken contracts.

Our healing and unfolding continues alongside the Women in our community and the progression is both potent and beautiful. We have learnt to hold our fellow sisters tenderly and rejoice in their victories.

This is true Womb Wisdom and how our future generations gain access to the knowledge us Women HOLD. This is the most precious gift we can give to our families, OURSELVES and the NEW EARTH.

Is this what your Heart has been longing for Dear Sister?

Join the Bliss Mother Collective

Sign up NOW for 3 months and receive a 4th month free!

$22 per month


(you may cancel at any time but this price is locked in for 12 months)


  • Once a month online gathering (every 4th Wed of the month)
  • Unlimited access to all replays (from the month of joining onwards)
  • Expanding library of resources
  • Dedicated whatsapp container of like-minded mothers for support and sharing with input from Jess and Gauri
  • Bonuses added spontaneously

Additional value-packed resources include:

1. 24 Blissful Mothering Affirmation cards to use daily as reminders of your inner strength and innate worthiness as a Mother

2. Magnetise Abundance workbook

3. Postpartum herbals and tangible practices from Postpartum Anxiety Toolkit

4. Beautiful collection of Earth blessings and Bedtime prayers to share with your children

5. Maiden to Mother Audio Visualisation

6. Booklet and journal prompts on Limiting Beliefs in Motherhood

7. Small handheld guide to Reparenting Ourselves

8. Motherhood Initiations Booklet

... and SO MANY MORE that have been added!


20% discount on all Womb Wisdom as Medicine courses 


Are there refunds?

Unfortunately not.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You may cancel your membership at any point and restart as you wish too.

Will there be replays if I can't attend live?

Yes replays will be available for our community.

Will my questions always be responded to in the support group?

Yes. Jess or I commit to a dedicated response and support on whatsapp.

Must you already be a Mother to join?

Absolutely not. These tools and guides will be valuable in preparing for motherhood and equip you best from the start. 

Is there a payment option for South Africans?

Yes, you may email and receive direct SA eft options and rate. 

How do I get on the mailing list?

You can sign up here 

You can follow us on Instagram @blissmothercollective and you can email us at for any further questions

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