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Menstrual Vitality is a course for woman and girls who are interested in understanding how a female body truly works, This is the information you wished your gynae and GP were taught at medical school; the details we would love our daughters to hear and wish we were taught by our moms, teachers, aunts and spiritual mentors.

This is the information that not only gives us a deeper dimension and perspective of a woman’s monthly cycle – but empowers you with tools to optimise, integrate and fully embrace our natural flow. Opening a magnificent treasure chest of inner wisdom, womb connection, natural alignment and female sacred secrets that can help you plan, know your own fertility cycles, understand ebbs and flows of our creativity, our fluctuating moods, our untapped anger, our inner child and gives us a platform of such deep acceptance and inner value that we will hold ourselves up in pride – for deeply holding sacred our own Being, As We Are.

As a travelling doctor meeting women from all over the world – I have stood with women in circle, in ceremony, in trauma, in birth and in joy from East to West, North to South. My studies have taken me from soul – searching for traditional African wisdoms in Lesotho and the Cape, to the classrooms and labs at medical school; to the Ancient Ayurvedic practices, rituals and Vedic truths; to the wild herb and mushroom foraging on the fertile fields in rural Pennsylvania; and back to my home, in the beautiful folds of fynbos mountains meeting wild oceans – where I work from my forest studio.

My experiences and studies cover medical sciences, botanical medicine for women’s health and informal studies on essential information for women’s healing – like abdominal massage, womb work, yoni eggs, de-armouring and vaginal steaming.

I believe this information is a birth right for each women. Each man too. The depth of this wisdom, the tangible affect, the universal influence is a huge catalyst not only for healing but personal expression and growth – available for turning profound healing individually as well as in families, communities and all expansions thereof.

I believe by deeply honouring and understanding the wisdom our wombs can share with us we can all be deeply empowered for a most magnificent conversation with Divine Untouched Pure Wisdom that can guide us deeply forever.

I entwine my love for the Sacred Woman with a depth of botanical wisdom and respect with an equal respect and inside understanding of the natural physiology and biology of the female body.

As a doctor, mother, soulseeker and wife – I bring in my own personal experience of being whole woman and my own personal journey of finding and embracing my feminine.

Entwining a deep connection with plant medicine wisdom on a background in allopathic medical science and clinical work with a profound awareness of ancient and new female sacred honouring practices and tools – to deeply understand and honour our female body’s and cycles – in a course you will wish every girl could do and every doctor could have knowledge of.

Course Instructor

Gauri Gauri Author

I live in India with my family, where I serve women with beautiful gentle homebirths as well as teach women’s healthcare via womb wisdom and elemental alchemy for pure transformative healing and sovereignty in alignment with Mother nature.