After the beautiful and gentle homebirth of my first son, 16 years ago, I resumed my medical studies after my maternity break and I was horrified and deeply saddened to witness and receive training in a very different way of supporting women to give birth.

I became an activist for maternity rights after witnessing the abusive and harsh manner of medical training and the way women and babies were treated.

I completed my medical degree and the 3 years of hospital training.

In 2012 I gave birth gently and consciously to my second son, at home in water. During that time I started awakening to the need for a different way of training women to support women giving birth. The sacred model of birth.

Since then I have been using this approach to support my clients to birth beautifully and in a sacred, gentle and safe manner. I have come to know Mother Nature and the biology of a woman as the most sublime composer to sing and dance to the flow of our hormones when we are in labour.

It is a very different paradigm of birth as it is not fear based, not defensive, not on anyone else’s time schedule, not dependent on medical schemes, or hospital bed protocol.

It is based on the wisdom of Mother Nature and Wisdom of the Womb.

There is much to say about the importance and relevance of how we give birth and why I believe Peace on Earth begins with Birth.

I look forward to covering this deeply and organically with anyone who feels the pull to support women and understand the process of pregnancy, labor and birth, and of course postpartum too.


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