A course designed for Mothers to complete before their postpartum so they can be prepared for a good, wholesome and optimal postpartum recovery.

There is an overwhelming emphasis on preparing for the baby room and needs, preparing your birth plan and very little is truly explained to a mum on how to prepare for her own postpartum recovery. Whereas in fact this is the most important time for a mother. When a new mother can invest her time and energy with the correct nutrition, correct herbs and practices she can heal in a whole and optimal way that affects her short and long term physical and mental health.

Therefore I have created an easy and effective course to help a mother understand why postpartum is such an essential time for her (and her baby), and how to prepare her support, care, nutrition and wellness so after her baby is born it can roll into place with ease and she can feel supported and held.

I intergrate my experience and studies as a medical doctor, herbalist, birthkeeper and Mother with the postpartum traditions of indigenous cultures as I find the innate wisdom and practices deeply integral and healing.

Mostly I use my experience of working with mothers over the past 16 years, and doing homebirths for over 12 years in South Africa and India. In this way I have come to know what a mother mostly needs after her birth and the challenges that she faces. I can see the changes over the last few years in general and with regard to lockdown regulations and Covid therefore. I have noticed increasing postpartum anxiety and imbalances that I feel can be prevented largely by engaging in pre-prepared postpartum care and a reframing of our needs as women after having a baby.

This course explains how to care for each system in our body after the baby is born – with a physical understanding of postpartum biology as well as a sacred understanding of our amazing feminine body.  Relating to our body with an attitude of appreciation, respect and inclusion of the Wise Woman or Sacred Feminine approach, or as I have come to love calling it – Womb Wisdom as Medicine. In this way we approach our postpartum holistically and integrating deeply traditional and sacred approaches as well as up to date functional medicine approaches to optimally support our bodies to heal after giving birth (caeserian or vaginal). 

Course Information

Course Instructor

Gauri Gauri Author

I live in India with my family, where I serve women with beautiful gentle homebirths as well as teach women's healthcare via womb wisdom and elemental alchemy for pure transformative healing and sovereignty in alignment with Mother nature.

Postpartum Care for Mothers

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