Do Less Group 

Join a community of women who are reframing productivity and worth to bring in joy, ease and flow with their work and family to live the life they value.


Are you:

feeling tired, exasperated and a pressure to produce?

Do you feel that there is some underlying message that production equals worth?

But still feel a tug that is not quite aligned with your inner knowing, your intuition and most importantly what is truly valued to you?

Do you feel like you are constantly keeping up and never get there ?

And the goal feels unreachable with your balancing the life of ease and flow you feel is possible and truly calling you?

But something is telling you another way is possible?


Would you like to:

do what you love in a flow that feels balanced with your needs and values and doesn't leave you feeling burntout?

Spend more time doing what you love and less time doing what you doesn't energise and inspire you?

Are you ready to make some changes but would really love the support of a sisterhood that affirms these changes too?

In most cases it's not only about knowing what changes to make, but being supported and held in those changes.

Are you ready to join a community of women committed to living in a feminine way to feel less burnout and more aligned to a rhythm of working?

What do you get from the membership?

A supportive community of women who are reclaiming their schedules in an affirming and qualitative way?

Put more hours into what is important to you and less hours into what drains you?

 A structured and accountable approach to incorporating Kate Northrup's Do Less approach to revolutionise time management for busy women. 

Practices and tools to actually live a feminine way in our professional and family life. 

Time manage according to the principles of Mother Nature, and as intended for our feminine body.

What's inside - how does it work?

Charts, graphics, prompts, journals, planners and trackers

14 Experiments as in Do Less so you can keep track and accountable in your own pace. 


A community of like-minded women who create a sisterhood of support, encouragement and a safe space

The deep satisfaction of living in alignment with your own inner rhythms, feeling healthy, well and at ease


Thank you for

transforming my life and allowing me to be part of this community you created. I'm so grateful for them. I think being a mummy would have been really hard without their words of advice and support. I hope you keep doing what you do.

T. T.      Germany

What an honour to have you

on this earth while I reside here too. What an absolute blessing to have met you in my life, to know you and be loved by you. Thank you for all your gentle guidance and beauty that you shine on my life and into empowering women on their journey.

L. L.   South Africa

What will we cover?



Welcome to the Do Less community, introduction to the course, preparing to begin and discovering your personal Do Less story.


The Feminine Design

Decoding the intelligence of Mother Nature to guide ourselves to arrange our creative and productivity lives in alignment with the feminine design.


Healing the Nervous System

Deepening our understanding of the role of the nervous system in our career and experience of life with several tools to support it.


Preparation for Experiments

A guide to preparing physically and mentally for the experiments to get the most out of it. Engage with our community for inspiration and accountability.


Experiments 1 - 14

Work through the experiments at your own pace, in community adds accountability and encouragement as well as tips and additional tools.


Moving Forward

Moving Forward in the right way for you with support from our community and on-going resources and practices for living in alignment.

Any bonuses?


Menstrual and Mooncycle Charts

Different style charts for charting your menstruation, energy and other variables as well as lunar charts for the Mooncycle.


Nervous System Toning

Ongoing tools and resources for balancing your nervous system and toning your vagal nerve that are easy, accessible and do-able!

This IS for you if ...

are tired of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt-out 

A woman yearning for balance 

Looking for a feminine way of time management

Juggling family, kids, work and you

Want to live more in flow with life with ease

This is NOT for you if ...

Living at ease with your needs and in flow with life

Feel that pushing yourself more to get more done is the answer 

Do not want to learn a feminine way of living 

Are happy with your balance between work, family and you

Are happy with your time and energy management

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Gauri

I am a medical doctor working with women doing homebirths, a mother of 2 sons and a wife to my husband.

My first son was born while I was at medical school and I went on to graduate and complete my 2 year internship with my young son.

By the time I had my second son and completed my medical training service I was ready to work privately.

I did what I love and continue to support women's whole healing and homebirths. I soon learnt that I was creating my work on the same system I was trying to be free from.

I discovered Kate's Do Less at the same time I was expanding my practice to include reframing women's healthcare including living in accordance with Mother Nature and her cycle's.

Working with supporting women through circles this is a natural expansion to offer community and sisterhood as we support women to be more in alignment with their inner values and live a life with ease.

The Sisterhood

This is a membership that gives you access to the course so you can follow the content as you like.

There is also an online community that you gain access to, as we support each other through sharing our joys, challenges and celebrations.

As we share with sisters we can rise together, free envy and competition and laugh and share in circle too.


Join our Do Less community here

Pay a monthly membership to be a part of the community, access the sisterhood, resources, Do Less experiments as well as additional tips and tools.

$12 per month


    • 14 Do Less experiments with resources
    • Community support of like-minded sisters
    • Ongoing resources, tools and practices to support you

$29 for 3 months


    • 14 Do Less experiments with resources
    • Community support with like-minded sisters
    • Ongoing resources, tools and practices to support you

Heart Healer,

Woman of Wisdom, birthkeeper, medical professional, womb whisperer, spiritual guide, mother, friend, lover of Nature and natural healing - you are the Earth's gift to womenkind. Thank you for your dedication to light, love and guidance.

L S   South Africa (mother of 2 young sons)

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