Egg Wisdom

We create pathways and connections in our perspectives that resonate and play out in how we support and hold space for women and for ourselves.

We understand there is not one way of approaching healing.

And we truly enter the portal of Mother Nature wisdom as healing. The reflections and projections of our own body and the way it works in correspondence or as an extension of Mother Nature.

As we learn, witness and experience these similarities and qualities of Mother Nature within the experience of our body we are also shifting our lenses in how we communicate, interpret and care for our bodies.

Our language changes. Our attitude and mannerism changes. We learn that our body is interactive with us. And as we reflect Mother Nature in how we work with the human body, we see reflected back to us – the tangible affect from our body and our experience within it.

Today we focus on and explore the healing wisdom of the Egg. Known as Egg Wisdom. The term is coined by Christiaan Northrup author of Women’s Wisdom Women’s Bodies. It is expanded on by her daughter Kate Northrup author of Do Less (a practical guide for productivity based on our menstrual cycle).

Hopefully you have had a chance to watch the Sacred Physiology powerpoint on the fertility cycle.

There we remember the cyclical nature of creation within our bodies – as there is life potential – resorption, release or growth.

A quick summary:

Within the fertility cycle is the menstrual cycle, where we shed the endometrial lining of our uterus. Then there is oogenesis – the cycle of egg development and release. Folliculogenesis is the development and release of the follicle that is supporting the egg to mature and differentiate. The follicle and egg are released at ovulation. This is governed by an intricate feedback communication network of hormones.

Today we will focus on the wisdom of the Miracle that becomes a Life. Inside this we can discover or remember the codes for creation.

And we can apply these wisdom codes when we are creating plans, projects, dreams, envisioning or planning anything.

There are certain qualities, behaviours and mood within Egg Wisdom.

By exploring these qualities we understand there is a different way of creating, producing or manifesting that may be more appropriate, more natural, probably more affective and certainly less stressful. As it is aligned with a different resonance of peace, abundance and love. The same qualities as Mother Nature.

As our children learn the biology cycle of our fertility we should also teach them the inherent wisdom behind this cycle so we can all be quipped with the knowledge to access these codes of creation and being when we are ready and when we need to.

This is bringing the sacred feminine wisdom back to medicine, healing and common-sense living.

Presently we are not taught this. We are taught a different approach which is of a masculine nature but out of balance it has become more patriarchal.

If you consider how we are programmed, taught, encouraged and shown by example of creating, manifesting or producing – you will notice the energy is different.

Take a few breaths and close your eyes and consider the way we are producing and living presently.

Can you feel an energy of force, pressure, being pushed, rushed, there is an energy of competition or scarcity, of time pressure, exclusivity and hard work?

What other words may you use to describe this way of creating?

Perhaps directed as if there is only one way. There is a feeling of judgement – will you be enough?

There certainly is time and space for the Masculine creation energy but in a healthy and wise balance.

Let’s consider how Egg Wisdom creates and produces?

This feminine energy is not only available to a body that has a uterus, or ovaries. This is an energy principle that can be applied to any person at any time in their lives.

Men and women both have sacred feminine and masculine energies.

Egg Wisdom – Feminine Way

Egg wisdom is a phenomenon that every woman has experienced at some time in her life. When things seemed to flow and come without taking much effort or work. It is as if there is a magnetism that attracts to you. It is a feminine principal at work.

Once the egg is released at ovulation it hangs around for a little time being available for fertilisation.

This is how Kate Northrup explains it in her book Do Less.

“The egg stays in place, right where she is. She doesn’t run up and down the fallopian tube wondering if the sperm is coming to fertilise her. She doesn’t pop down to the uterus just to check if he’s coming or hang around the cervix entrance, hoping he’ll see her there. She doesn’t check her phone obsessively or wonder if she should text him or not, even though he didn’t respond to her last text (or her last 10). She doesn’t call her girlfriends and ask them what they think she should do.
Nope, she simply sits there in all of her fertile eggness, simply being an egg.
As she sits there, though, she also emits a signal that tells the sperm that she’s ready and available. The follicle cells around the egg release progesterone, which actually gives the electric currents that drive movements of the sperms’ tails a boost, and as the current increases in strength, the tails begin to move faster.
The egg’s eggness actually makes the sperm faster and stronger. She has the ability to “egg on” and enhance what is around her.
Similarly, when the sperm finds her, there are millions of them trying to break through her barriers to get in all at the same time. But the sperm doesn’t get to choose; it’s up to the egg who she lets in. Ince the egg chooses which sperm (or sperms, in the case of multiples) to let in, if there’s anything wrong with it’s DNA, she actually has the ability to repair it’s DNA and improve it. Again, she can “egg it on”. Then, in order to make the three- four day journey down the fallopian tube to the uterus, where the egg will then embed into the uterine lining, she has enough nutrients within her to feed herself and the sperm until they get to the next nutrient source of the uterine wall.
So not only does she have the ability to signal and strengthen the sperm, to choose which one she’ll allow to fertilise her, and to repair the sperm’s DNA, she also brings a picnic.
This is the feminine way. The feminine nurtures, heals, beautifies and improves everything around her. Plus she brings snacks, because someone is always going to be hungry.
If we let the egg be our model of attraction in terms of our very blueprint for how to manifest what we want in life, it gets really juicy, really fun and a lot less work to get what you want.”

The Egg is a perfect example for us to witness the creative potential in allowing – in receiving – in being – in receptivity.

We have been taught to push and work hard to get something. We have been shown and taught a patriarchal culture of achieving and creating.

The egg is not passive or lazy as we are taught to believe when we hear terms like receiving. She has the potential makings of an entire human being within her and the ability to repair DNA and nourish the sperm and herself to their destination.

She also doesn’t waste energy and time. She doesn’t go fussing up and down to the uterus and worrying about being enough or missing the opportunity.

She is simply being in her value and letting it come to her and being able to receive it when it comes.

As we remember from our fertility cycle – the egg will disintegrate and be resorbed into the body if it is not her time to fertilise. She doesn’t hold on and have a freak out. She simply flows and is released. She lets go and moves on.

Egg wisdom does not need you to have a certification, or amount of hours meditating, or a certain mark or qualification. There isn’t a spell or magic mantra or mental effort. Our egg wisdom is inherent and within us. Our body is wired for egg wisdom.

When we forget to trust and enter the Egg wisdom space we can simply remember and become an egg again.

Take time to imagine how this may look. Create an image in your mind of absolute abundance receiving, in our feminine splendour and emitting the perfect magnetism in alignment with your heart desires that strengthens itself by its very remembrance.

As Kate Northrup writes:

“She is who she is. She wants what she wants. She emits a really strong signal, letting what she wants know where she is. She strengthens her desire. She allows her desire in when it arrives. She makes her desire better as she welcomes it. And then she nourishes her desire as she transforms into the next version of herself. “

How to be an Egg?

Here are a few ideas on how to practice being an Egg.

Practice allowing yourself to receive.

The next time you have some time planned with your partner – be in allowing mode. Allow him to come up with the plans, rather than trying to arrange everything in every detail. Allow him to choose the food, the venue, the music and even arranging childcare. Practice leaning back and allowing him to do one of them or even all of them.

What may be some reasons we may want to do everything? Also known as micro-managing or controlling.

Could it be coming from a feeling of inadequacy, a fear we are not enough and need to over-function to be accepted or seen? Or could it be coming from a feeling where we are lacking trust in the natural unfolding and try to overcompensate and control so nothing is left to chance?

What are the reasons we do more than our share?

That we feel no one can do it as well as we can and therefore, we need to do it all?

Where are there examples in our lives where we can start practicing being an Egg?

Being an Egg needs to come from a space of spaciousness and positive full feelings. It is not that we ask or expect service from people from a place of irritation or disappointment.

We need to be mindful of the intentions behind our being an Egg and align with positive feelings like appreciation.

Another practice for being a Egg

Take the time to consciously appreciate for one whole week.

Appreciation is simply noticing what we like about what is in front of us. What is in your immediate surroundings that you can appreciate? Have a look around you now and notice what you may appreciate?

A word about gratitude compared to appreciation. Gratitude holds more of a comparison of how something is now compared to how it was or how it could be. Appreciation holds a higher vibration as it is simply about noticing what is around you that you like.

Take time to express (write down or share with a friend) what you appreciate about your environment now.

Some more practices for being an Egg

Start to remember that your body is wired to be an Egg – meaning – you do not have to do anything to activate it, the inherent wisdom and practice is known and within you.

You can start with practicing to find small ways in your day to simply do less and be the Egg instead. Ask yourself, “What would Egg do or not do now?” and then follow that knowing and do or not do what Egg would do.

Remember you are made for this and it is programmed into the inherent wisdom of your body. Just like your egg does not have to stop and think to remember how to make a human.

See how you can bring more Egg wisdom into your life by being, magnetising and allowing yourself to receive.