Introduction to the course 

There is a gaping chasm in our world today. And it is causing women and families to pine and yearn in ways that our bodies and hearts are calling us back to ourselves.

Our minds are heavy, confused and self-doubting. Our bodies are tired and giving us discomfort.

We bear the brunt of incomplete postpartum rest and health for years afterwards. We feel it in our bones, in our pelvic floor, in our wombs and from then we feel like we can never catch up. We are always chasing the way we think we are told to be.

Creating a focus and a space for postpartum health, recovery and support has been a service born out of witnessing this time again and again with mothers who have just birthed.

This course lays out the fundamental approaches to the postpartum time (first 40 days) in general, and includes an approach and understanding to all the parts of our body that need special attention and focus during this time.

My approach is a deeply sacred one, meaning I weave in the depths of understanding about our feminine being and connection with Mother Nature.

Therefore I also use Nature and her wisdom through plants, herbs, foods, and the elements (air, fire, water and earth) to deeply support and heal our body and mind after having a baby.

It is a brave statement to do this course. It is about claiming what is needed for your healing in a time when it is deeply unappreciated. It is about claiming your worth and knowing what is truly important for your recovery so you can be a balanced, healthy, strong and wise Mother to your baby.

Thank you for claiming this time – it will – our future generations and our children are forever bound and indebted to the Mother who can give herself the healing she needs.

We, as communities are grateful too – it affects us all, we are all connected.

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

The content outline is on the course page. You can work through it systematically prior to your postpartum and highlight parts you would like to come back to. I start each section with an introduction to reframing our women’s healthcare with a Wise Feminine approach. Then we get into the practicals of the healing for each part and what herbals and practices are important to support our healing.

There is also access to a Mothers’ support group. Here we can share challenges, joys, questions and support in a safe, secure and held space.

  • Welcome
    • Welcome Dear Mother
    • Introduction to me
    • Accessing support groups
  • Importance of Postpartum
    • Importance of Postpartum
    • Importance of Postpartum explained
  • The 3 Principles of Postpartum 
    • 3 Important Principles
    • Rest 
    • Nutrition
    • Warmth
  • Healing our Body After Having a Baby
    • The First Few Days 
    • Yoni Care 
    • Yoni Care Practicals
    • Postpartum Womb Care
    • Womb Care Practicals and Recipes
    • Bonus – Womb Wisdom
    • Pelvic Floor Care 
  • Breastfeeding and Breast Care 
    • My Breasts Are Sacred
    • Breastfeeding 
    • Breastfeeding Herbals 
  • Postpartum Mental Wellness
    • Postpartum Selfcare
    • Our Nervous System
    • Support Groups 
    • Motherhood is an Initiation
  • Moving Forward 
    • Resources
    • Preparing your Postpartum Support Team 
    • Postpartum Anxiety Toolkit 
    • Postpartum Herbal Recipe Book