A few points to consider:

  • Understand different models of midwifery training and practice
  • Know the requirements in your region for different certifications and legislation for midwifes
  • Know the scope of practice for a midwife
  • Understand and clarify what midwifery model makes sense to you and why
  • Understand the politics of birth
  • Why is birth Sacred?

Self -reflective work

  • Find out about your own birth. Get all the details. Investigate what was happening in the political, social and community environment. Find out how your mother felt about your birth. Ask about previous births in the family and in the matriarchal line. Ask about the postpartum and how or if she was supported.
  • Consider birth trauma Journal, speak write, express and feel into any trauma surrounding any births that you have had (if you are a mother). Try to come to a peace with anything that happened and hold space for yourself as you feel into any wounds and emotions you may be carrying around birth. Try to be without blame or judgement as there are many aspects around birth that remain mysterious and we do not get to understand completely.
  • Goal setting Use this space to start creating your intention for using this course. Whether it is for your personal use or for you to support others. Start weaving you dream by writing or drawing how you see yourself in this service. It will grow and you will always come back to it. Starting to carve it into being keeps it aligned with your intention, to meet your goals and become manifested as you wish under your creative, dynamic and personal journey.