Since this course is a unique course of aligning our practice, service and understanding of our female body with the innate and deeply sacred intelligence of Mother Nature, I would like to offer some ways to deepen and align our hearts and mind in preparation with this Sacred understanding.


Please listen to this incredible enlightening essay by Dr Azra Bertrand as he connects our wise healing body with the intelligence of Mother Nature and confirms that each cell in our body is vitalised by Nature as Healing. He also weaves in the imprinting and healing around our births and rebirths as women.


The Savior by Dr Shefali is a very provoking piece on deepening our motivations and engaging ourselves in the self-reflection and inner work needed to engage in this way. As most of us feeling the pull to help people can be somewhat intertwined with our own feelings and need of feeling valued. This piece can help us reflect on our intentions and our needs to be the helper of people and always come back to a place of heart alignment.

From a place of neutrality we can also empower and raise people up to know that we are all our own healers and we are not responsible for the healing of others.

In birth and postpartum it is so important to lead Mothers to know they can truly trust their own intuition and practice it as they become stronger in their own selves and not dependent on us.

From a place of neutrality, reflection and integrity we can raise mothers to be their own healers – we get no credit, we are sitting silently in the background smiling because we know all the time SHE CAN!


Let’s meditate (find our own inner silent sanctuary) and set your own intention for this course. Take some time (about 10 minutes). Have a journal, your course notebook or paper you can write down and keep for the course. Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Listen to the following meditation and when you are finished open your eyes and write down what is coming to you in response to the following questions:

Take a deep and focused breaths slowly, filling your lungs and allowing the air to slowly and gentle release with the exhale. Repeat 2 more times.

Feel yourself inside come into an alignment with your heart centre. Feel yourself within your body. Focus on the 3rd eye and become present there. Feel your heart in alignment with your 3rd eye and your breath.

Imagine with your mind and feel yourself within the course. Imagine how you want to feel arriving at the course, while you are reading the course online, while you are attending the zooms or the replays. For example you may want to feel a sense of ease, attention, relaxed and inspired. Imagine how you want to feel when approaching the assignments, the course work, the reading. How you want to feel when discussing the course with people, when obtaining the necessary resources,.

Imagine how the time that you spend on the lessons, self-reading and classes – will feel for your family around you. Imagine how you want to feel as they hold space for you to be present here with ease and grace so you can be peaceful and grateful they are occupied and you can attend the course attentively with a peaceful state of mind. Imagine how you can go back to them with a full heart and space and time.

Feel deeply into your intention for doing the course and know more may become clear with time and there is no rush or pressure. Set an intention for now so you are clear and aligned in yourself with your goals for the course.

Imagine yourself completing the course and how you would like to feel.

Take slow deep breathes as you just let these feelings soak into your body as you allow them to seep in. Let the feelings seep over you and create a bubble around you. So you are swimming in the depth of heart feelings as you approach this Sacred Midwifery training.

Seal these feelings in a bubble of light around your whole being.

Let it become so tangible you can experience the feelings now, how you will feel at different moments, how it will be to partake in this important training with amazing group of women.

Give this experience of feeling a word or a phrase. Like freedom or peace or love. So whenever you want to fall into your deep hearted intention for doing this course you can repeat these words to remind you and nudge you into this heart centred space.

Start to notice the outside world, the sounds, the feeling of the floor you are sitting, rub your fingers together, wriggle your toes, flicker your eyes and open them when you feel ready. Stay in the space as long as you like and revisit it whenever you wish.

When you are ready, open your eyes, grab your paper or notebook and write down how you would like to feel. Free write without listening to any reasons your mind gives you to not feel that way.

Knowing, feeling, writing and creating from HOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO FEEL in alignment with you heart centre is how you will create this as a reality for you as you journey through this training.