Sacred Anatomy

Some concepts will be very new to people, some will say ‘Aha!” as if you have been waiting to read this information that you have all ready known in your bones.

Some concepts will be met with “no way” and feel quite foreign and even unfathomable.

This is the journey of Sacred Womb Wisdom.

It is a spiral journey where we continuously visit and revisit familiar aspects and dive deeper each time.

The tendrils of womb wisdom are numerous, if not infinite. Therefore I invite you to journey in your own pace, as feels comfortable and rewarding to you.

It is a practice of theory AND practice. It takes intention and energy as well as discipline and humility.

It doesn’t end at a certain anatomical organ or with a certain ceremony or designation. Our Sacred womb journey is personal, alive and deeply divinely orchestrated and perfectly reciprocal.

I have bought together the following media to initiate, add and resume your personal exploration in this field.

The main points I would like to bring in are:

  • Our bodies are a reflection of Mother Nature
  • Our womb can guide our healing
  • Our feminine body is wise and deeply connected to the elementals
  • Our Mother line & ancestry healing
  • Times in our lifecycle that are initiations for a woman

I am sure there are many more ways to list or focus on the depth of Womb Wisdom. It is essential to simply be aware that our wombs are wise and they bring in sovereignty, trust, maternal nurturing, space-holding, intuition and a connection to women’s wisdom for women all over the world.

This is important because it becomes a way of relating to our own body, our own story, our own lives and to our clients too.

When we learn about sovereignty as part of womb wisdom this has profound meaning for someone that is supporting the birthing process and working with women.

Womb wisdom keeps us humble, curious, seeking the light and in service to the greatest and wisest Feminine creative and nurturing force – Divine Mother Goddess. Or as you choose to name Her.

Welcome to the blend of perfect anatomy as we learn the biology of Birth in a perfect balance of Sacred.

We learn to breathe it, see life through Her lens, and to live it as we realise our womb wisdom (and every single woman’s) has the capacity to bring her to her highest potential and deepest connection and Shine.

This goes beyond physical body and speaks to the spirit of facing our parenting challenges, relationship communication, our previous traumas and healing, anxieties, and patterns.

Womb wisdom will lead you to claiming your truest Spirit and potential and celebrate it together with all other women!