Watch the video below which answers many questions asked and explains my vision.

How does the cost work?

I trust you to know and value your own financial capacity and you can see what other institutions are charging. There is no set charge for the training. Your commitment and showing up is all that is required.

To honour my time, energy and experience I will be sharing – some reciprocation is good to energetically balance and to enable the training to become a course that uses more advanced integrations, networks and recognition.

I have noticed that online courses tend to lend an exclusivity to people earning dollars. As a South African living in rural India and truly seeing where the value of this work is needed in day to day living and listening to midwives, doulas and mothers wanting to bring in sacred birth – I do not want to make this dependent on financial capacity.

This work is far too important and has waited too long to be limited by capitalistic greed and exclusivity.

I am sharing this work because the world needs it NOW.

Because I have the experience and ability to speak from the medical and sacred perspective and because mothers are suffering as we speak in the name of medicine.

The 4 payment options are as follows:

  1. Pay monthly via my site $35 per month or
  2. Pay one instalment yearly (for people with capacity or wishing to support) – $410
  3. Exchange of services. Offer a service regular or once off that can support this initiative from the tech or admin side
  4. Pay it forward. Share with your friends, your birthkeepers, your gynae and doctors so we can bring in the sacred model of birth everywhere.
  5. For Manual payments and bank details see here

If you wish to pay monthly or a once off into my account direcly (not via site) and then you can set your own monthly reminders too. You can select paypal, South African bank EFT or Gpay for Indian accounts.

Is this training certified?

No. This training is not certified with any institutions nor recognised by any medical or midwifery boards.

In the future there could be scope to get the classes certified and CPD points too.

However I do not feel it is the best in the interest for the nature of this work now to have to align itself with any institutional regulations or protocols that are not innately supporting sovereign and respectful births and birth processes or women’s healthcare.

This is simply sharing information about how to care and understand a woman’s body so a baby and mother can grown in a healthy and vital manner feeling respected and supported the way she wishes..

Here is some more thoughts about certifications and being recognised by certain boards of registration.

What will the training cover?

The trainings will cover :

  • sacred model of birth
  • anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor and postpartum
  • each trimester (symptoms, labs, care needed)
  • how to support labor and birth
  • postpartum care
  • newborn care

Each topic will have required reading, class discussion, presentations, and will work around the basis of Womb Wisdom as Medicine.

This means the nature of the course will be deeply respectful and understanding of a woman’s needs and how her body, mind and soul transform to nourish, grow and birth a baby. All of which happens under the elemental influence of Nature independent and largely unknown to science and technology.

When we work in alignment with this we are creating space for elevated consciousness of beings who are connected and know their body. They trust their body and know how to interact with the medical system as needed without giving away their innate healing.

How much time will I need to spend on the course and preparing?

This is the estimated time frame and hours needed to study.

Every 2nd Thursday at 1130am IST Use this TIME ZONE CONVERTER to see the time in your area.

The course is estimated to last 18 months with a 1 month holiday around December 2023.

Zoom meetings will be used for online students. Replays are available for enrolled students.

Weekly reading, presentation work and self-study required is approximately 2-3 hours / week. Some modules are more than others. The amount of time needed is also personal to your own intention and interest in doing the course. If you are wishing it for more professional purposes to serve mums as a birthkeeper it is necessary to cover all the required readings and assignments.