The need for more compassion and awareness in the medical healing world.

I have chosen to use Medical and Healing as the two can seem quite separate nowadays. Often it feels like the medical world is more clinically orientated. As if it is about getting the theoretical balance and optimal values of pressures, chemistry, and levels.

I used the word “healing” too because this brings in more of the person to me. How the person is feeling and experiencing the world through the vessel of his or her physical, mental, and emotional body.

As a holistic medical doctor, I blend the two to assess and manage dis-ease patterns or symptoms.

So when I assess patients’/ clients need for medication (including the popular anti-psychotic medication , Respiridone) often prescribed for restlessness, hyperactivity, aggression, delusional thinking and “strong emotions” – I find it essential to understand the context of such behaviour and the actual goal of therapy.

Is my goal to sedate or numb someone’s expression to relieve my discomfort at the audacity of their self-expression? Otherwise, known as “fit into society”?

Or is my goal to truly support this human’s journey to self-LOVE and fulfillment?

What I have learned in the last 25 years of journeying through the spectrum of medicine from traditional African to Ayurvedic and Elemental Herbalism as well as from the sacred World of Birth and Motherhood (my own and each woman I have had the honour to come in contact with); and from all my Heart Healing Teachers – is that there is something Greater.

We need to Bring the Heart Back into Medicine.

And it is your Own Heart I am referring to. We have become so distanced, dis-located, dis-armed, dis-connected with what is True and What is Health and Wellness.

I prescribe Respiridone too. I work at a state clinic and I support the psychiatrist’s decision in these certain cases. Context is important. But overuse and irrational prescribing is a dangerous game.

The case of Respiridone is simply serving as a good example.

The symptoms we present with are often not the problem. The symptoms of self-doubt, paranoia, lack of self-worth, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, brain fog, sharp body pains – are actually all very reasonable reactions to the very real chronic and acute stress the Corona and Lockdown have triggered.

(The physiology of stress on our body is helpful to understand and a topic for another time.)

I mentioned this in March as we started lockdown here in South Africa. Self-isolation is a breeding ground for all our wounds and patterning to be triggered. So here we sit with our wounds triggered and our body reacting – and we may be offered medication that is prescribed for delusional thinking and “strong emotions” – if we go for help in the medical fraternity – which is what we are trained to do.

When actually we need compassion, understanding, support and more support.

We need to clear our bodies from toxins – from all the comfort, processed food and devitalised food we consume – especially when we feel down. So that it can work with ease and flow.

We need to re-pattern our minds to remember that we are actually here to Live a Beautiful Abundant and Magnificent Life where we follow our Heart’s Shine and we have no need to judge or sabotage ourselves because we understand sovereignty and mindfulness. We are responsible for ourselves.

We need to slow down deeply to feel that pull and understand and allow it. To hear our voice and that Shine that makes our eyes sparkle from behind. To come back into our Centre where we are so deeply supported and held to simply be amazing.

I have come to realise this is so important or essential in a healing journey. This is why we need to feel and heal our beautiful bodies and hearts that are never wrong and do not lie.

Let’s go beyond medicine and bring the heart back and HEAL.

Love yourself to the Moon and Back.

That is Healing.

Unsure of source of beautiful art credit. If you do know please message me.

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