My work with wombs during pregnancy and birth seemed to follow a natural flow to wombcare and the meaning and deeper understanding of WOM(b)AN and Mother for the female. 

The continuum of the womb space and womb care and womb health being acknowledged as a Sacred Centre of Heart wisdom and connection become more and more clear. 

It also became more and more clear that by ignoring this – dis-ease can easily settle…disturbing menstrual symptoms, hormone imbalances, moods, pain…and by acknowledging this and bringing the awareness actively into our lives…balance and wellness prevail!

The power of connecting with our flows of hormones in a natural rhythm as they flow through the monthly winter – summer – spring – autumn to winter again and allowing a certain sense of identifying change….acknowledging our needs, as we pass through our personal seasons…monthly – HEALS! 

Modern society steers us away from the essence of being Woman. We are not meant to be linear and always acting the same and outcome based. We fluctuate, we flow, we cycle, we are emotional, sensitive, creative – at different times and we ARE affected by natures cycles too. 

By bringing this awareness as well as a personal insight into what this means to US at different times and ALLOWING / acknowledging the depth of our needs as WOMAN during our flows…

Magic STARTS to UNFOLD. …. Beyond the drugs, and comprehension of any medical doctor…who has never formally been taught the absolute importance of a SACRED MENSTRUATION. 

“I have learned that if I take time out for myself when I am bleeding I can access a centredness and a wisdom within that feel eternal. Recognising the value and pleasure of my periods has been a real opening for me into a deep appreciation of being a woman. The whole process has shifted from being something I found mildly disgusting and certainly inconvenient, to being a natural time for assessment, clearing and preparation. It has become a time when I process the last month and prepare for the one coming. I look forward to my period as a time when I am most likely to be able to seek creative solutions to difficulties in my life – provided I make the space for it.”

If you would like to know more about bringing A Sacred awareness to your monthly flows

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