I am excited to share this with you. I will be starting to teach midwifery classes from February 2022.

These classes will be informal, based on the textbooks of midwifery schools and bringing in the needed Sacred paradigm of understanding a woman’s biology, feminine energy, and pregnancy and birth.

These classes will include the medical and clinical as well as the holistic, herbal and sacred approaches.

There is no commitment needed, no big fees and no certification is awarded at the end.

There will be certain recommended readings.

The classes will be every 2 weeks on a Thursday at 1130am India Std Time. See your time zone here.

The classes will be done locally as well as on zoom. No replays will be available.

One class will be predominantly theory and the alternative class will be discussion or presentation based.

You will be able to access the telegram and email group for reminders and sharing of good resources for sacred midwifery.

To access the class – registration is necessary for review and administration.

Payment is individualised and bank details and options are given; as well as pay later.

I feel very strongly that Sacred Midwifery needs to come back and be the mainstay for women giving birth. I feel this is what is needed to grant women back sovereignty, trust in their own body, and to bring around a change of consciousness towards peace, wholeness and connection with each other and Mother Earth.

My work is mostly with mothers giving birth as I practice gentle, safe and conscious births and now I am teaching so that more women may be reached and more babies may be born into the gentle loving hands they deserve.

Please fill in this form and email me so I can add you to our training. In the next few weeks I will be sending out all the recommended requirements and timetables.

Wishing you a beautiful day further,

With love


Please feel welcome to email me any questions –