I think I have always been a radical. But a quiet radical. I mean I think many people don’t notice me and think I am so gentle and placid.

Unless you have seen me speaking up against birth violence or to protect my children. But I think this rising in me started in my teens. When I was questioning many things in the system – at school, in our religion – that didn’t make sense. I have always liked justice and equality.

I repel against exclusivity and manipulation. I sense it on a very subtle level. That’s hard because often it will look like I am over-reacting when actually I am reacting to the subtle tones of the situation.

I think many of us are like that, actually. I think many of us can feel when something is not right before we can put words to explain it.

So somehow this all fell into place for me through my journey in life – in the maternity field.

I started sensing vast differences between what we are taught and what we see in practice. And being so sensitive to this I started reacting. I started listening to mothers. I started listening between the lines.

I have seen inexplicable manipulation, training and power ego controls being taken out on patients, students and colleagues.

I have seen mothers shouted at by specialist gynaes and blamed for things that are not their fault.

I have seen mothers separated from babies and told strange concepts about milk and breastfeeding that are more aligned to an exhausted nurse who is dealing with her own burn out or her own birth trauma than with the physiology of breastfeeding.

I will be honest. Most of these continue into a deep tangled façade of administrative technicalities and blank stares.

But it never goes away. Actually it gets more deeply engrained and harder to decipher what is true and what is trauma response.

Honestly the feeling it evokes in me is to run away and deal with my own inner journey, my own weaknesses, my own hurts and faults so I can come back all squeaky clean and work with my wide open but fully protected heart. It gets too painful at times to continue.

But somehow that is just not possible and we have to continue our work as Light Weavers while we are humbly deepening our own integrity and sacred living simultaneously.

I have come to know that Connection is Everything. We can call it love but Love acts through how we are connecting. We can call it Devotion but what is devotion in singular private acts if we are not Connecting with each other, as humans, with that same Devotion?

And if we deeply understand the value of primal imprinting, epigenetics and whole healing – we will know that the CONNECTION that is designed to happen around pregnancy, birth and postpartum are a crucible that needs to be prioritised and exemplified to harness the depth of healing our souls are crying out for.

I do not support women because it is my job. I support women especially around birth and motherhood because it is exactly where that crevice is so gaping, so vulnerable, so naïve and so dramatic.

It is exactly in that place that a woman deserves to be supported, to be held, to be nurtured and to be loved. It is exactly where she is rising from Maiden to Mother when she is aligning herself with her own knowing, her own intuition, her own song.

It is exactly then that she deserves to be heard, to be congratulated and to be trusted.

It is exactly then that the power-hungry, medical-aid driven, egotistical patriarchy needs to shut up and listen.

It is exactly then that she is RISING. And needs to own it.

If she is HURT in this time – it is exactly then that the PRIMAL RAW Mother Rising is going to burn so deep that she claims it !

Or alternatively betrays her inner knowing to the barren power who tells her “Doctor know best.”

No one knows better than a Mother.

No one should take this time of impeccable divine construct away from a new Mum.

Get your hands out. Put your white coat away. Go and pray to your Divine to soften your heart. But leave the New Mother in integrity and peace.

Don’t be silly and misread my words for needed medical intervention to save lives and give appropriate medical care. I have seen moms who need more direction or support or who are not in appropriate spaces. I am not talking about them. Please, do not misunderstand me.

But even then –

Never make a mum feel less than.

Don’t judge her with your opinionated version of vaccination, breastfeeding or co-sleeping.

Let us reframe Women’s Healthcare.

I am starting with my course on Postpartum Care for Mothers.

It is especially made for ANYONE with an interest in supporting new Mums because we need to have this more normalised and accessible in our society. It also incorporates all my learning I have gathered over the years on herbalism, Ayurveda, Elemental Natural Wisdom, medical and my experience of working with New Mums.

And you are welcome to join me too.

Here’s the course starting in a few weeks. – CARING FOR POSTPARTUM MUMS

This is me with Shyam Dec 2012

This is me with Shyam Dec 2012

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