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10 Ways to Connect with your Womb Wisdom

Our Womb Wisdom holds the secrets to our deepest sovereign healing journey.

Incorporate these 10 steps to connect deeply with your own healing wisdom.

Learn to tap into your womb wisdom to experience the healing medicine yourself.


Follow these 10 steps to experience the Wisdom from your Womb in your own healing journey.

Be clear about what is good for you and what you allow in your life

Feel deeply supported by a Loving Grace

Live from your greatest Joy and inspiration

A way to manifest what you want in your life


10 Ways to Connect with your Womb Wisdom


Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Gauri

I am passionate about bringing a Sacred awareness to Women's Healthcare. As a medical doctor I soon became frustrated with a very limited set of tools and a very misguided approach to women's wellness.

After the homebirth of my first son, I noticed a vast difference in the gentle, conscious approach to birth and postpartum compared to the practices and attitudes I found in the hospitals and clinics.

I knew every women deserved a more sacred approach at this important time in her and her families life.

I studied herbalism, Ayurveda, functional medicine, Vedic philosophy and consciousness to understand how to bridge the gap and bring women the medicine they deserved and I feel yearn for.

This bought me to Womb Wisdom as Medicine as I realised the profound healing we each carry in our own womb wisdom and the intelligence of the design of Mother Nature.

10 Ways to Connect with my Womb Wisdom


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