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Caring for a Postpartum Mother

Training course for women to learn Holistic Postpartum care

Bridging the Science of Biology and the Wisdom of Nature

Are you:

  • seeking a holistic path for nurturing your body and spirit after childbirth, aligning with the sacred rhythms of nature?
  • Are you a guardian of birth, seeking to deepen your understanding of the profound art of postpartum care?
  • Are you, as a mother, craving a more nurturing, nature-aligned approach for your post-birth journey?

The postpartum period often leaves women feeling adrift, seeking a connection with their body's innate wisdom.

The prevalent healthcare system inadequately tends to their holistic needs, resulting in unaddressed physical discomfort and emotional turmoil.

This course serves as a sanctuary, offering an integrated approach to postpartum care rooted in ancient wisdom and aligned with the nurturing essence of Mother Nature.

It guides mothers and birthkeepers towards a deep understanding of holistic healing, nurturing the body, mind, and spirit in harmony with nature's rhythms.

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Would you like to:

learn from a seasoned medical doctor, herbalist, and experienced birthkeeper, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of postpartum biology and the healing potential of nature?

Envision the transformation as you gain:

Deep Insights into Postpartum Biology: Acquire in-depth knowledge and insight into the intricate workings of a woman's body after childbirth. Learn how to navigate this phase with wisdom and understanding.

Harnessing Nature's Healing Wisdom: Embrace the ancient healing practices rooted in nature. Learn how to utilize plant medicine and natural remedies to support and nurture postpartum health, aligning with the innate healing powers of Mother Nature.

Empowerment through Comprehensive Expertise: Receive guidance and teachings from a reputable medical doctor, herbalist, and birthkeeper. This unique fusion of expertise will empower you to create a nurturing environment post-birth, fostering holistic healing and restoring the innate harmony between womanhood and the natural world.

What do you get from the program?

When investing in this course, you'll gain a transformative journey unlocking the wisdom of postpartum biology, nature's healing, and holistic care from an expert medical doctor, herbalist, and experienced birthkeeper.

By understanding and supporting the natural biological processes for body, mind, and soul after childbirth, we pave the way for longevity and profound healing, laying a strong foundation for a mother's future well-being while preventing potential complications.

Develop practical skills encompassing a thorough grasp of postpartum biology, the application of natural healing through nature's resources, and the ability to offer nurturing care rooted in natural principles.

Enter into our esteemed community where enrolling in our course extends an invitation to a professional yet warmly connected family. Here, alongside my mentorship, you'll access ongoing support from a network of experienced birthkeepers and dedicated mothers globally, enriching your journey with professionalism and heartfelt camaraderie.

How does it work?

Access to previous classes from previous years (over 18 lessons) by video 

Pre-required reading and coursework 

Whatsapp community with other like-minded women in this field

Online gatherings for birthkeepers, mothers, doulas and anyone in the field to share, support and connect. These happen every 3 months. 

Complete assignment and receive certification in Caring for a Postpartum Mother by Dr Gauri 

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Pregnant Mother shares...

Gauri, it is such a beautifully curated course - my wish is that every mama-to-be or second-time mama, who unfortunately neglected her postpartum healing the first time because of society's expectations, would have access to and soak in this course.

From the beliefs you communicate, and the practices you suggest to the understanding of the magical role herbs play in our healing, it is quite phenomenal.

This wisdom will be cherished for many moons especially those during my own postpartum journey.

I truly feel both lucky and grateful to have crossed paths and to be able to learn from you as I prepare for my initiation into motherhood, thank you!

AW in South Africa

Sacred Breast..


Thank you Gauri for the breasts and sacred course, I think that helped my body align with what  it’s meant to do for my baby. Visualization of food pouring into my baby has been so helpful as well and taking care of my boobies and letting them free whenever possible leaks or no leaks.. Bras are the evil of breastfeeding; it really does affect how they feel and supply. And thank you to all the special ladies in for the help and support, if it wasn’t for you guys I would have been bullied into exclusively giving formula - thank goodness I didn’t and kept latching her regardless.

SR in South Africa

What will we cover?


Reframing Postpartum

Introduction to Postpartum according to Natural principles of biology; as well as a holistic approach to using botanicals during this time.


Elemental Postpartum

Deepening a language and comprehension of using elementals (air, water, fire, earth) in healing, with botanicals and postpartum needs.


Yoni Care

Reframe Yoni: Anatomy, Postpartum Healing & Sacred Honor. Explore Yoni's essence, post-birth recovery, pelvic floor health, traditional healing, and botanical care like Yoni steams & Dhoopana.


Womb Care

Explore the intricate needs and healing potential of the womb by unlocking its anatomy and sacred essence. Discover holistic support methods such as teas, belly paste, bell binding, and oils.


Breast Care

Explore breast anatomy, breastfeeding dynamics, maternal bonding, and delve into sacred breast care practices, including massage techniques, botanical remedies for comprehensive maternal wellness.


Nutrition and Digestion

Medicinal spices, Ayurvedic meals, and a stepwise eating approach after birth for holistic wellness and digestive balance. Along with spice tables, meal plans and recipes.


Mental Wellness

Botanical Support and Joyful Motherhood. Explore mindset and anxiety management, self-care practices, Ayurvedic care like Abhyanga, and a world of botanicals and rituals.


Putting into Practice

Mother Roasting, Herbal Recipes, Tea Blending, Ayurvedic oils and massage, Yoni Steaming, and Beyond. Immerse yourself in practical wisdom and moving forward.

Any bonuses?


5 additional mini-courses & webinars

3 x mini courses

  • Creating your Postpartum Support videos and workbook
  • Postpartum Anxiety Toolkit (holistic approach to support)
  • Wisdom of Postpartum - 10 hours of postpartum rituals, botanicals, and discourse

2 x Webinars

  • Postpartum Fertility and planning
  • Yoni steams postpartum


Community and Expert Support

Join a like-minded community with mothers and birthkeepers

Continued mentoring and guidance directly from Dr Gauri (medical doctor, certified herbalist and homebirth expertees.)

Networking and connections




This IS for you if ...

Passionate about holistic women's health and childbirth

Seeking to understand sacred birthing practices and postpartum care.

Open to triggering yet transformative discussions.

Believes in wider accessibility of postpartum care.

Values sisterhood in learning and empowerment.

This is NOT for you if ...

Seeking solely clinical or mainstream childbirth and postpartum care information.

Do not feel that Motherhood is a sacred transition

Uninterested in embracing a holistic understanding of women's health beyond conventional norms.

Unwilling to reflect on or reframe perspectives regarding women's health and anatomy.

Doubtful or dismissive of the incredible wisdom and capabilities inherent in women's bodies.

Meet your expert

Hi there,

I'm Gauri

I am a medical doctor and certified herbalist  with over two decades of experience as a birthkeeper.

My journey has taken me from rural India to South Africa. I now reside here with my loving family—my husband, two sons, and four cherished cats.

Drawing from this rich tapestry of experiences, I merge ancient traditions with modern knowledge in holistic women's healthcare.

As a dedicated advocate for holistic women's healthcare I blend ancient wisdom with modern insights and biology to empower women through their healing experiences.

My journey from medicine to homebirths has instilled in me a deep reverence for nature's healing power.

Through my courses, I share expertise in sacred birthing practices, postpartum care, and holistic well-being, merging clinical knowledge with herbal healing and spiritual nurturing.

Elevate Your Postpartum Journey with Confidence, Botanical Wisdom, and Sisterhood

Embark on a transformative journey tailored for modern mothers seeking holistic postpartum support. Imagine confidently navigating the post-birth phase armed with natural wisdom, botanical remedies, and a supportive sisterhood. This isn't just a course; it's an empowering experience, crafted to break away from past uncertainties and embrace a holistic approach to postpartum care. It's time to avoid the pitfalls of conventional approaches and step into a realm of confident, nurturing motherhood.

Don't Miss Out on Embracing this upcoming transformational journey and course — the missed opportunities for a more empowered, supported postpartum phase.

Join us to unlock the potential for holistic well-being and confidently embrace the transformative power of natural support, wisdom, and sisterhood.

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    • Cinical biology integrated with sacred traditions
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    • Cinical biology integrated with sacred traditions
    • Like-minded community, sisterhood and mentoring.
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The Sacred Space...

Dr Gauri not only gifted me with healing balms and remedies for my first home birth but she also empowered me to have my second home birth Unassisted, Untainted and Unimaginably sacred...

Her passion for not just birth, but for the sacred space we hold as woman is a legacy in itself and needs to be shared with all women of the world.

KH, 2nd time Mum in SA


Are there refunds?
Unfortunately not. But let us know your situation and we can discuss some mutual resolution.

Do you need to have studied biology further than high school?
No. We have a library of supportive educational videos to access and recommended books to read.

Is there a limit to accessing the course?
No. You can access the replays forever.


Postpartum Care

Join our vibrant community of empowered women, embark on a journey of holistic postpartum care, and become a beacon of support for mothers everywhere.

Don't let this opportunity pass by. Enroll now and embrace the transformative power of our nurturing course.

Start your journey to becoming a confident, knowledgeable, and compassionate caregiver in the beautiful realm of postpartum wellness.

Let's empower and support women together!

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