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  • Breast Love 101 and Amrita Journey


    Breast Love 101 covers holistic breast care – and the direct connection this has on keeping our hearts open and happy – something that has never been more pertinent than to the times we are now living in.

    The Breast Love 101 course provides a roadmap as to how to achieve such a shift- with simplicity being a key feature of that game plan.  In these crazy busy times, keeping things simple is absolutely vital – because whatever we decide to implement as part of our daily self-care needs to be as doable and sustainable as possible.

    The Amrita Journey course is a deep dive into female ejaculation/squirting and the deep healing, pleasure and connection that G-spot stimulation/orgasm – and the oft-resulting female ejaculation – can help us to access… both with ourselves and/or with a partner.  There is such gold in this material and I would encourage any woman – for whom it holds even the remotest fascination – to explore it further.

    Each of these courses is available as a Christmas Special at a 25% discount – or, a fantastic 40% discount should you choose to do a deep dive into your conscious sexuality journey, by signing up for both courses at the same time.  A payment plan is also available.

    Juliet Terblanche, of Yoni Eggs South Africa & Yoni Vitality, has recently re-opened registration for two of two of her online courses – Breast Love 101 & the Amrita Journey.

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    Caring for a Postpartum Mother course


    Learn how to take care of the needs of a Postpartum Mother in alignment with Mother Nature to support her optimal recovery.. This course is based on the elementals and the wisdom of Nature using Ayurvedic, Herbal and Traditional ways with herbs, nutrition and spices to deeply honour the healing mind, body and soul of a New Mother.

  • Fertility Awareness


    Learn how to understand your hormonal cycles to prevent and plan pregnancy with Fertility Awareness with Rona and Gauri.

    A detailed webinar about the different types of fertility awareness, how to use it, charting your cycle for planning a family, taking sovereignty and true consent for body autonomy and learn how to let our body guide our wellness.

    Our menstrual cycle is known as our 5th Vital Sign yet we are not taught how to understand or work with our cycle in our lives,. When we do – we gain such rewards in our inner sense of being, health and feelings of wellness and flow.

  • Find Your Mama Groove by Joanna Hunt


    Are you ready to redefine motherhood and transform from the constant juggle, depletion, non-stop hustle and chaos to one of the easiest and most meaningful experiences of your life?

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  • Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitation Training

    • Do you believe that we, as women, need to learn and share more respectful, holistic and effective ways of healing our sexual health issues than the ones offered by mainstream medicine?
    • Do you believe that we can access such healing methods by tapping into ancient wisdom and folk medicine traditions?
    • Do you have an affinity for herbs and the wisdom and healing that they hold?  Would you like to explore that further and work with herbs on a daily basis?
    • Do you feel excited at the thought of sharing body- and sex-positive education with women of all ages?
    • Do you understand the need for nurturing and celebrating our female bodies and everything that can go right with them?
    • Do you already work with women in some capacity and are you looking to expand your work into the realm of sexual health and the journey and insight and empowerment it offers us on both a physical and emotional level?
    • Do you feel yourself being called at this time to create your own heart-centred business, working with women at this deepest, most vulnerable, sacred and intimate level?

    If you have answered YES to any of the above, then training to become a certified Yoni Vitality Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator is a great place to start.

  • Laying Foundations for Womb Wisdom as Medicine


    Welcome to a foundation course for diving deeper into accessing our womb wisdom as medicine. I have found that without knowing the basic needs of our human body and mind, it is often more challenging if not impossible to access the finer insights and codes of aligned and magical living.

    This course reminds us of what these basic foundations are for our body and practices that we can include to support, inspire, nourish and balance these various aspects.

    In sisterhood, we can support each other, carry each other through challenges and join in our joys as we all share a healing journey.

  • Postpartum Anxiety Toolkit and video series


    A 40 page booklet unpacking the body, mind and soul approach to our mental health and wellness after having a baby.

    Natural, holistic and integrative techniques to manage our symptoms of anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burn out.

    Postpartum is a hugely transformative time in a woman’s life, similar to an initiation as she becomes a new identity and loses much of her former one.

    This booklet focuses on understanding what the needs during postpartum are, what anxiety symptoms may be communicating with us, and how by listening and embracing a journey into Motherhood we can become free, satisfied and peaceful.

    It includes nutritional, supplemental and herbal advice to manage symptoms too. And several mindful techniques to support ourselves at this time.

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    Postpartum Care for Mothers


    his is a practical, insightful and connected course for mothers to prepare themselves for a healthy, nourishing and revitalising postpartum. We cover Nature’s way of supporting whole healing for a woman’s body, mind and soul after giving birth.

    I have adapted my in-depth course for training birthworkers (or women wishing to support postpartum women) which embraces the intelligence and wisdom of Nature to heal through herbals, traditions, informed healing, nutrition and reframing women’s healthcare.

    This course is mostly practical so you have plenty of recipes, practices and ideas to support your postpartum while maintaining the basic fundamentals of warmth, nourishment and rest.

    This course also creates and invites you to a sisterhood of women who are working with the feminine principles of wellness and thriving as conscious mothers and sacred women.

    It also gives you special offers to engage with the bonus material of deeper insight and tools to manage postpartum anxiety and to create your ideal postpartum support team.

    The feedback on this course has been tremendous as women find much more than they expected that enhances and supports them on this deeply precious and vulnerable time.

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    Postpartum Fertility Webinar


    A live webinar discussion with expert Beatrice Rabkin from Natural Fertility

    This has been a long awaited webinar. I am so happy to have found and collaborated with Beatrice who has been helping and supporting in their fertility journey for years now.

    Contraception and family planning after having a baby can be so confusing and challenging.

    You may not want to conceive again for a few years, you don’t want to use any hormones and you can’t tell so easily if you are fertile again so you don’t really know how to work with your body!

    Even if you did before. Now things may feel different and more tricky to interpret and since you have just had a baby you definitely want your body to recover and become strong again.

    I do recommend connecting with an experienced and qualified fertility awareness trainer so she can guide you further with confidence.

    On 27th July Beatrice will share a whole and complete understanding to approaching fertility awareness for family planning during your postpartum. 

    So you can understand how this is different from normal fertility awareness, what is happening within the body in terms of fertility at this time and what are the main important tools and tips to interpreting your postpartum fertility so you can plan accordingly.

    This is a useful webinar for pregnant and postpartum mums and birthkeepers too.

    Buy now to receive your zoom link and ticket.

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    Sacred Model of Birth


    A training series for women wishing to support women or themselves during the pregnancy to postpartum journey according to a Sacred Model of Birth.



    Natural made balm for caring for your feminine body.

    Yoni Balm is all natural, no synthetics nor chemicals. Created to soothe, nourish and heal your yoni.

    Created with the wisdom of Mother Nature and the alchemy of science.

  • Yoni Eggs, Wands and Steaming Herbs

    Yoni Eggs and wands are sacred and indigenous ways to connect with your yoni and womb wisdom and to support health naturally and individually.

    Search for your chosen yoni egg, wand herbs to steam and a beautiful breast massage elixir.

    Products available for international shipping.

    Message me to help you with your choice.