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  • Find Your Mama Groove by Joanna Hunt


    Are you ready to redefine motherhood and transform from the constant juggle, depletion, non-stop hustle and chaos to one of the easiest and most meaningful experiences of your life?

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  • Postpartum Anxiety Toolkit and video series


    A 40 page booklet unpacking the body, mind and soul approach to our mental health and wellness after having a baby.

    Natural, holistic and integrative techniques to manage our symptoms of anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burn out.

    Postpartum is a hugely transformative time in a woman’s life, similar to an initiation as she becomes a new identity and loses much of her former one.

    This booklet focuses on understanding what the needs during postpartum are, what anxiety symptoms may be communicating with us, and how by listening and embracing a journey into Motherhood we can become free, satisfied and peaceful.

    It includes nutritional, supplemental and herbal advice to manage symptoms too. And several mindful techniques to support ourselves at this time.