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  • Breast Love 101 and Amrita Journey


    Breast Love 101 covers holistic breast care – and the direct connection this has on keeping our hearts open and happy – something that has never been more pertinent than to the times we are now living in.

    The Breast Love 101 course provides a roadmap as to how to achieve such a shift- with simplicity being a key feature of that game plan.  In these crazy busy times, keeping things simple is absolutely vital – because whatever we decide to implement as part of our daily self-care needs to be as doable and sustainable as possible.

    The Amrita Journey course is a deep dive into female ejaculation/squirting and the deep healing, pleasure and connection that G-spot stimulation/orgasm – and the oft-resulting female ejaculation – can help us to access… both with ourselves and/or with a partner.  There is such gold in this material and I would encourage any woman – for whom it holds even the remotest fascination – to explore it further.

    Each of these courses is available as a Christmas Special at a 25% discount – or, a fantastic 40% discount should you choose to do a deep dive into your conscious sexuality journey, by signing up for both courses at the same time.  A payment plan is also available.

    Juliet Terblanche, of Yoni Eggs South Africa & Yoni Vitality, has recently re-opened registration for two of two of her online courses – Breast Love 101 & the Amrita Journey.