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  • Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitation Training

    • Do you believe that we, as women, need to learn and share more respectful, holistic and effective ways of healing our sexual health issues than the ones offered by mainstream medicine?
    • Do you believe that we can access such healing methods by tapping into ancient wisdom and folk medicine traditions?
    • Do you have an affinity for herbs and the wisdom and healing that they hold?  Would you like to explore that further and work with herbs on a daily basis?
    • Do you feel excited at the thought of sharing body- and sex-positive education with women of all ages?
    • Do you understand the need for nurturing and celebrating our female bodies and everything that can go right with them?
    • Do you already work with women in some capacity and are you looking to expand your work into the realm of sexual health and the journey and insight and empowerment it offers us on both a physical and emotional level?
    • Do you feel yourself being called at this time to create your own heart-centred business, working with women at this deepest, most vulnerable, sacred and intimate level?

    If you have answered YES to any of the above, then training to become a certified Yoni Vitality Holistic Sexual Wellness Facilitator is a great place to start.