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Sacred Model of Birth


A training series for women wishing to support women or themselves during the pregnancy to postpartum journey according to a Sacred Model of Birth.


A training for women wishing to support women during pregnancy and birth or for women wishing to understand more about their own bodies for self-development.

In this training we teach a Sacred Model of Birth that differs from the medical and midwifery model in some ways. It is about following wise feminine ways and a deeply respectful approach to women in this vulnerable and fragile time.

It is about reframing women’s healthcare in a way that is lead by womb wisdom as medicine and that means deep inner reflection, stepping out of the patriarchal web and knowing that we, as women are able to take ownership and decisions over our womb in deeply meaningful and necessary ways.

This is a course for women who are wishing to step up and be the change they wish to see – by empowering discussions, meaningful connections and theory and practicals of a Sacred Model of Midwifery.

My deepest wish is that every woman has the opportunity to experience a gentle and safe birth – as every child deeply deserves to be welcomed to Mother Earth

If you have any questions – please email me gauri@drgaurilowe.com


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