I work with this a lot. It is becoming more and more highlighted how as women, as people, we are placing or receiving so much pressure and so many tasks, deadlines and things to achieve every day for various reasons. 

This feeling can start to really wear us down. Consider – how many times we feel like our head is spinning? We don’t know where to start? We are tired…run down….feeling pressure – expectations from others? Either at home? At work? 

We feel like there is not enough hours in the day. And we just want that drug (natural or allopathic) to make us feel better? Make us cope. Make us sleep better. Make us achieve more without feeling like we are overrun. 

Well I get this too. So I am just honestly sharing here – that you are not alone. I work with this. I am so aware and conscious of this in my life. But it is still there. Because we are constantly practicing and getting chances to perfect this better and better – and because I work with people – human to human. And you are not alone and I get a fantastic opportunity to empathise! 


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