A 5 Day Series

Reframing Anatomy Series

A guide to understanding and
supporting biological birth

A 5-day series for entering a different world and way of understanding our female body. Bringing our anatomy into a sacred way of interacting and working with the female body in our healing and support work, for ourselves and for teaching our youth.

​Day 1 Reframing women's anatomy for a sacred model of healing based on Ancient practices and Natural wisdoms

​​Day 2 focuses on reframing breasts, breast health and breastfeeding

​​Day 3 discusses deeper yoni wisdom and reframing our vagina, and vulva

​​Day 4 reframes our womb and pelvic floor with sacred and ancient wisdoms

​Day 5 The importance and impact of mind body health in women's healthcare

​​We apply biology into a sacred paradigm in an embodied and reflective journey so we can truly support our temple in a holistic way, in deep alignment with the design of Mother Nature and connected to a Sacred Feminine lineage.

​​Join me, Dr Gauri as we dive into a deeper journey of our Sacred Biology.


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