This is my address on a Sacred Model of Birth at the Midwifery and Birth Conference in Cape Town, South Africa 2014. I explain the difference between the medical and midwifery model of birth and the need for a new framework for pregnancy and birth.

My work is focused on bringing in the change we wish to see in women’s healthcare. I believe women need and deserve a sovereign, respectful, empowering and feminine way of understanding the amazing design of our woman body. I believe the intelligence of Mother Nature is woven into our bodies on a cellular, anatomical and physiological level. When we learn the language of Mother Nature we can bring ourselves into alignment and heal ourselves beyond health and to thriving.

Birth is the penultimate example of working within the design of this intelligence and it takes a practice of Sacred intention and understanding. Birth is always a beautiful family event and we need to bring ourselves out of the medical framework so we can approach birth and the incredible energies that work with it in the most blessed and powerful way that it deserves.

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