Here we discuss the reflection of Mother Nature and our bodies. We speak about the signature of Nature or the very specific unique things we see repeatedly spun within the framework and very fabric of life.

The things that we don’t see if we don’t look properly or if we look with our heart closed.

  • An unfurling fern, a pinecone, aerial roots and branches of trees in forests, tendrils from plants or vines, an umbilical cord, our DNA helix in our cells, a vortex of a hurricane, Aloe leaves, a shell, the fetal position, a curled up earthworm, centre of a sunflower, a horn, cabbage or cruciferous, many cactuses, green algae, our hair from the crown of a newborn’s head, the stars in the galaxy, water going down a plug and our fingerprint.

There is an intelligence weaved in so many varieties of nature as if it is reminding us of source intelligence and creativity. And that when we don’t know or are in a puzzle, we can turn to this intelligence to guide and protect us to safety and equilibrium from where things can grow and flourish.

As this is another beauty of Nature. That it has our best interests at heart – and really wants us, as part of Nature, to flourish and rise and look proud and beautiful. Just like when given the simple things – soil, sun and water – plants just want to come forth and grow and spread, and take up space and rise up to the sun with glorious colours, and shapes and smells, and given the right conditions will bloom and not hold back its beauty – site and fragrance.

When we tap into the biomancy or the intelligent healing potential and way of living that Nature teaches and guides us – we understand that the human body is simply a reflection or continuation of Mother Nature.

This is especially so when we come to discuss the womb and a female body. The womb is a direct microcosm reflection of Mother Earth.

The way we treat Mother Earth will reflect in our womb health and the way we treat our own womb will reflect in the health of Mother Earth.

Dr Gauri

Right now, we are seeing a lot of imbalances, pain, symptoms in our female population related to our womb health; and we are witnessing a tragedy on Mother Earth as Her resources get exploited and extinct and climates are changing.

We can directly connect the health and happiness of a community to the way women are treated. We can look at maternity leave, equal pay, domestic abuse, unwanted pregnancies, healthcare facilities, maternity rights, education and roles and extrapolate a lot about the way women are feeling and being treated within their smaller circles too.

We have been trained and imprinted that we need to look without – to an external authority, often in a male’s body to find out how to fix a body that is uncomfortable or dis-eased. As if there is a deficiency or something went wrong, or it got broken and it needs to be fixed or overridden if it is too much, or numbed, or replaced or simply cut out.

But we need to remember that we are inherently a part of the majestic creation of Mother Nature and Her wisdom. And perhaps if we turn to Her medicine we may have a whole different story and understanding presented to us.

It may go something like this: – after years of putting too much sugar in the body through westernised lifestyles. This is a lifestyle of consuming most food that is not prepared from scratch at home. It’s in the shop bought chutneys and dressings, restaurant food and take-aways, juices, cereals, bought baked goods, never mind the products that are sugar themselves in candies, biscuits, pasta, cakes, pies, white bread, juices, sodas. The list will go on. And it becomes insidious until you really examine what is in the food that you are eating every day.

This takes a toll on our body and we need to understand its affect and make changes in our life to keep our body in a better sugar balance. Then our body will not say to us through symptoms “I have too much sugar effects and my joints are sore and I have brain fog and I am tired in the morning and I’m really irritable AND my period is so heavy.”

The symptoms our body and our womb are our body communicating through us and to that something is not right and needs to change so it can return to its equilibrium.

But now we are expected to treat these symptoms by numbing or overriding them but certainly not listening to why the body is expressing itself and what it needs to come into balance.

When I was in medical school I was very enthusiastic and focused to find the root cause. The deepest root cause that was possible of why things would manifest on a physical level.

So I would see a rash on the skin, or a sore tonsil, or diabetes and I would see it on the physical level. I would go deeper to why this has manifested like this and I would understand the chemical processes in the body that have occurred for this manifestation.

For example if how a blood cell (macrophage) will consume bacteria in the blood and how the body has a very organised cascade or chemistry that instructs the cells to behave in that way. This may be experienced in the body like pain, heat, swelling, or redness. This is the effects of the chemical response.

Going deeper we can understand what is instructing these chemicals to cause the response and we can learn about the nervous system, immune system and endocrine system that may be involved. And how the cues are sent from the brain in response to what is experienced.

This is the study of neuro-psycho-immunology. Connecting the cellular mechanisms and communication between our mind and psychology to its affect on our nervous and immune system.

When we try to understand why a chemical response would be a certain way or a wrong way causing too much or too little of something that can become a symptom like irregular periods, or early menopause – we are invited to ask why the body would not behave in a regular way and what is causing the imbalance? Why is something too much or too little?

We can stay in the biochemistry and get smaller into the minerals and nutrients needed for the hormones and bodily stasis.

This will lead us to nutrition, sugar balance, toxins we eat and put on our skin, and environmental toxins. It may include other lifestyle things like sleep, exercise, sunlight, and movement.

Stress may manifest by disturbance of sleep and eating habits. But it also manifests by a sense of anxiety or the way we think about ourselves, or lives, our inner talk, our ego, and the way we interpret experiences, our lens of life, our story and our reactions.

Now we are coming back to the Biology of Belief. That the way we think of ourselves, the way we reflect on our story in life, our immediate interpretations or responses to situations and our inner experience also have an effect on the balance and health of our body.

When we start listening deeper to our body we can learn a far deeper experience of life. Just as we see a plant is always wanting to bloom when given the right conditions, so we will experience that our body is guiding us to what is needed to help us not only be physically well and balanced but also blooming proudly, without holding anything back and feeling good!

Our body can guide us to the nutrition, exercise and free from previous bad and unconscious habits. It can also teach and guide us to what emotions, or inner talk, or repetitive thoughts are good for us and what we need to release because it is keeping us from thriving and blooming.

When we address and journey through these deeper aspects of ourselves, we find the shifts become tangible in our physical experience too.

This is well explained in the book “The Body keeps the Score” by Willhelm Reich. Here he explains how all our experiences and traumas may get locked into our body in different places and manifest there like pain or hardness, or growths.

A good example of this is menstrual cramps and pain during our periods. It is found that our attitude and ability to rest during our menstruation affects how we experience pain or discomfort during it. Our body at this time is calling us to do what is necessary in nature at this time.

It is reminding us that we are cyclical just like Mother Nature and we need to treat each part of our cycle in a way that Nature has made us so we may continue and thrive.

Our menstruation is our inner winter when we need to listen to the primal and innate need of resting, pausing, reflecting and being internal.

There are many ways to reflect about Mother Nature being our Medicine Way and guiding us by Her wisdom to our inner and outer health and wellness.

I see the womb as our internal manifestation of the outer Mother Earth – she is our inner Mother Womb. And she is directing and guiding us in a similar way.

As we broaden our lens and witness through the lens of Mother Nature, Mother Womb as Healer we can start to see how this plays out through our lives.

Take a moment to consider the qualities that we see reflected in our own womb as compared to the qualities of Mother Nature. We witness patience, non-judgement, striving to thrive, no competition, always nurturing, comforting, supporting, encouraging us to trust ourselves, being a source of guidance and nurturing, wishing to nurture.

If you do a womb meditation and feel into the experience of your womb and the messages She has for you and compare this to the feeling we receive from Mother Nature – an all-knowing wise, nurturing, space holding elder and consider how when we are tapping into our inner womb wisdom and guidance we are tapping into an intelligence that runs through Mother Earth, Mother Nature and Raw Divine Mother energy.

We can feel the protection and support of a deeply grounded feminine energy. It is as if we are feeling our roots digging deeper and deeper down into the Earth, downward and keeping us firmly grounded in Her Nature – while energetically reaching up and shining high and tall into the cosmology of the planets and the Universe around us.

Let’s think about what language this Mother energy speaks. If we learn how to speak it we can perhaps also learn how to use her energy and wisdom for our own inner womb healing.

Take some moments to breathe into your womb and ask the question of how she communicates?

Listen to the answers – gently, patiently, lovingly, embracingly, with acceptance, with trust in your integrity, in your body, in your ability to make decisions and choices about your body, your life, your family, she is kind but firm, she knows who she is, she is compassionate but not a pushover, she takes care of herself…

She listens and responds to adjustments needed to maintain a balance.

Our inner womb energy and conversation is similar and invites us into a deeply connected, trusting space where we can tap into our own natural intelligence. In this space we make choices about how to act and everything about our lives – and we are active in making changes and experiences so we are responsible and capable.

When we start moving into this rhythm of experience within us and with Mother Nature, Divine Mother Gaia – we start receiving information and understanding that opens up deeper and deeper healing portals within us. We realise the expansion and layered healing available by stepping into alignment with our womb.

These healings have to do with ancestral healing, motherlines, inner child healing, healing our initiation times of menarche, becoming Mother, our feelings of worth, shame, guilt as well as rage, anger and blame.

It invites us into hidden caves and forgotten powers as well as into gentle shelters and nurturing laps. It is always calling us to go further, to heal deeper, to embrace ourselves, celebrate ourselves and come to love and peace.

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