Sacred Model of Birth Membership

Join a community of women who are passionate about birth and furthering our education and skills to support women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum in alignment with Mother Nature's Design and Love.

What do you get from the membership?

Access to me for medical and holistic advice, referrals, lab or imaging interpretation, clinical feedback, unfolding hospital protocols, finding alternatives, and any related questions

Join guest speakers and experts in the field of Womb Wisdom in Pregnancy and Birth 

Case studies every 2-3 months online (full discussion approx 2 hours) recording available

Dedicated whatsapp support group

Discounts on other courses


Hi, I am so pleased to meet you

I am Gauri.

My path is unique and well woven through medical school, Vedic ashram holistic and functional medicine, plant medicine and womb wisdom.

After the birth of my first son, 17 years ago I have dedicated my life to bring gentle and conscious births back.

Working in hospitals, rural huts, homebirths in South Africa and India - I have apprenticed, practiced, studied, experienced, and lived many approaches to birth.

I find myself now, leaving the medical paradigm with discernment and embracing a full womb wisdom as medicine approach to women's healthcare.

If you are feeling pulled to connect with genuine as well as professional and conscious women to navigate your own birth or as a birthkeeper or student - you are invited to journey with us through this Sacred Path of serving women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

What's inside - how does it work?

Within a container of monthly zoom gatherings to share around Womb Wisdom as Medicine (for birthkeepers), and a dedicated whatsapp group we connect with each other

Forming our community of like-minded women creating a sisterhood of support, encouragement, and safety

From clinical skills and diagnostic acumen or medical interface to the elemental and Sacred Feminine approach 

Reframing Women's Healthcare by following Womb Wisdom as Medicine to bring the Heart back to Medicine. 


Thank you for

transforming my life and allowing me to be part of this community you created. I'm so grateful for them. I think being a mummy would have been really hard without their words of advice and support. I hope you keep doing what you do.

T. T.      Germany

What an honour to have you

on this earth while I reside here too. What an absolute blessing to have met you in my life, to know you and be loved by you. Thank you for all your gentle guidance and beauty that you shine on my life and into empowering women on their journey.

L. L.   South Africa

The Sisterhood

This is a membership that gives you access to the online classes of Sacred Model of Birth (live classes only) as well as zoom case studies, and monthly membership gatherings.

There is also an online community as we support each other through sharing our joys, challenges and celebrations.

My approach is radical acceptance and sovereignty for a woman's own womb wisdom as medicine.

My experience has shown me that the medical approach is a threat for humanity and has greed and power driving it.

Birth and pregnancy are Sacred momentous time where a new Mother, Father and family are also born.

Through honouring connection and kindness around this time we can prevent creating more traumatised humans and reawaken Self-Love and Acceptance.

I offer my clinical and holistic training and experience with mothers to support other birthworkers work in alignment with the Heart and Guidance of Mother Nature.


Join our Sacred Model of Birth community here

Pay a monthly membership to be a part of the community.

Heart Healer,

Woman of Wisdom, birthkeeper, medical professional, womb whisperer, spiritual guide, mother, friend, lover of Nature and natural healing - you are the Earth's gift to womenkind. Thank you for your dedication to light, love and guidance.

L S   South Africa (mother of 2 young sons)

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