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Symphony of Hormones in Labour

A guide to understanding and
supporting biological birth

A Sacred Model of Birth teaches us to serve our feminine body with the wisdom and intelligence of Mother Nature during pregnancy and birth.

Be the change you wish to see in the Birth World.

For many years I thought "Who am I to teach a course like this?". But the gnawing in my heart and soul remained.

I realised - I am the perfect person to teach this course because I have lived and walk both worlds. I still practice supporting homebirths, I am chatting with mums and birthworkers around the world daily.

I know the politics of medical births and I have stood among them while deeply holding space for the Sacred Birth model.

You too may think, who am I to do this course? But it is exactly YOU who the world is needing now.

We are needing Women to stand true to their beliefs and instead of waiting for the medical fraternity to "let them" be birthkeepers - we need women to step into that role.

Our mothers are waiting for you!

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Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Gauri

My first home birth changed my life. I was a medical student at the time. I soon realised women coming to the hospital for births were not receiving the same kind of gentle, loving and incredible birth experience that I had.

I set about changing that and for the last 16 years I have been active in the maternity rights, gentle birth field in practice and in many workshops and talks.

I completed my medical degree and hospital training and then went on to shadow my homebirth midwife and learn from her.

In doing that I managed to unlearn the medical conditioning and open to a sacred way of birthing.

I have been creating this course in my heart and mind for 10 years now. In that time I have continued practicing as a homebirth doctor in India and South Africa, opened my own women's healthcare practice, studied and practice herbalism and run women circles.

I have come to know women are magnificent and it is like our healing journey and challenges are nudging us to coming into a beautiful awareness of ourselves through womb wisdom.

I practice womb wisdom as medicine and am delighted to start teaching this course - A Sacred Model of Birth.

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