This photo was posted on my timeline, in a private message and I posted it on my page. It was repeatedly removed by facebook. It was also removed from the other people’s pages who posted it as well. 

It’s not a new story but this photo carries an important message. It normalises normal birth. It normalises unassisted family welcoming a baby into the world.

We all know that if it was a picture of a mother in a sterile gown having her baby shown to her wrapped up with a clamped cord by similar sterile strangers with gloves it would not be removed. 

BUT THIS is the picture that needs to come into our heads when we consider birth. When we consider welcoming a new baby into the world, a new member of our family, a child to mother and father.


This is statistically how over 75% of women can have babies.  Yes! Babies come out of vaginas! And yes fathers and mothers can welcome their babies with love like this!!  Share in whatever way you can – this is the important message we need to get out! 


Please view this photo with respect, honour and sacredness. I share it with intention to honour the sacredness of the moment; of how birth can be. I do not know the source of the photo as it was shared in several places with no source noted. My intention in sharing it is with gratitude, respect and honour for the change of impressions and imprinting  the power of sharing this photo holds!

(If you have any idea of the source please let me know!)


PS – If you are interested in reading more about Sacred birth here is a wonderful talk to listen to… HERE 


I would love to hear from you…please drop a comment so I can see who is seeing this!)

163 thoughts on “This photo kept being removed by facebook but it has an important message”


  1. Cho mo lung ma                                      October 24, 2015 

    Reblogged this on Parental Alienation’s dirty secrets , akin to Domestic Violence 40 yrs ago and commented:
    Normal natural childbirth is being blocked in lieu of the spiritually connected , bonding we deserve as parents for the best health of our children .. Pregnancy and birth are sacred , as our unions should be…

  2.  Maria Olsthoorn                                  October 25, 2015  Beautiful, I’m glad I got to see it. So much nicer for all to have a birth experience like this

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