Info for Collaborators

Welcome to Whole Women Care Collaboration to share our offerings in one Special time-limited Bundle package for women wishing to empower and learn about their body in alignment with the Wisdom of Nature and our Sacred Feminine.


We are Reframing Women's Healthcare with Womb Wisdom as Medicine to bring the Heart back to Medicine.
We are the change you wish to see and experience.


Use this link to share for people to buy our Whole Women Care Bundle!


Sep 11th at TBC - a CEREMONY including a short offering, prayer, dance, poem to add to the ceremony. It shall be a glorious, beautiful, connecting and titilating experience with Monet - more info following.

7-11th Sep Emails to join now and attend the live ceremony with Monet

12 - 14 Sep 1-2 content value emails

14 - 21 Sep Daily emails ! Last week! 

  • join now to join Rah's live class
  • join now to attend live closing ceremony with collaborators attending and Rah leading a beautiful ceremony
  • other emails in gdrive or as you wish to encourage last chance buying

19th Sep 930am SA time Somatic Trauma Integration with Samala

20th Sep 10am SA time- Rah's live Divine Feminine Temple Sculpting class 

21st Sep 930am Q's and A's with Beatrice on Preparing for Pregnancy

21st Sep - Closing ceremony with Rah and all collaborators and purchasers 

22 Sep - launch completed and I shall be sharing our profits and details with you further

USE THIS GDRIVE TO ACCESS CONTENT and images/ videos FOR EMAILS, and SOCIAL MEDIA to use or edit as you wish.

Please watch the following 10-minute video which explains a little more about me, my vision and mission, and why I am reaching out to you, as well as the goal of Whole Women Care Bundle.It doesn't have audio yet but gives a good background to me and my work for now.

Please watch the following 4 videos to meet our lovely collaborators and share our spirit.



Monet's intro

Denell's Cervical Healing Journey