Two weeks diving deep into Nature's biology and Sacred Wisdom of Birth with Dr Gauri and Reframing Women's Healthcare

Welcome Home, Sister

Welcome to our beautiful Soul Family where we come to unfold and deepen our values and consciousness around birth.

We are a few brave enough to stand up for the Sacred Model of Birth as Mother Nature has shown and shares with us through the language of listening, touch, and connecting. We need to keep the truth around the mystical, the spiritual, and the power of transformation that every new soul on Earth brings.

Birth is a healing portal. 

It is not meant to be controlled in any way for it contains the very essence of the codes of life itself. We can never suppose to know this better,

I am here to serve Birth and in this way I bring you the Wisdom of Birth - how to access Her truths so your heart will forever be imprinted with the importance of connection and the wisdom to navigate this domain with integrity and accountability and deepest conscious awareness.

We need to learn to listen to the intelligence of Nature, so we can receive Womb Wisdom as Medicine, and serve Birth, Mother and Baby as Mother Nature intended. 

This course will open up the Sacred intelligence of BIrth

- I am so excited to welcome you, deeper!

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Two weeks intensive schedule

16th November 9am GMT +2



Dr Gauri

Opportunity to network and meet others

17th November 9am GMT +2



Mar Sophia

DIscussion followed on womb sovereignty in the birth field

18th November 9am GMT +2



Divya Deswaal

Discussion followed on the Sacred language of Birth as reflecting Mother Earth's wisdom.

21st November 4pm GMT +2


Suzanne Arms

Discussion around your perinatal imprinting

22nd November 9am GMT +2


Rome Naidoo

Practical workshop using breath and more

23rd November 9am GMT +2


Marianne Littlejohn

Unpacking the true tools a birth keeper needs. 

24th November 9am GMT +2


Dr Gauri

Reclaiming our Yoni wisdom birth without tearing 

25th November 9am GMT +2


Dr Gauri

Birth through the lens of the Divine intelligence of Mother Nature 

28th November 4pm GMT +2



Robin Lim

Followed by discussion on lotus birth and other cultural practices

29th November 4pm GMT +2


Dr Gauri

And now what?

30th November 9am GMT +2


Lisa Davis

Ceremonial sealing and Closing Ceremony 

Your Speakers

Live talks and workshops run at either 9am - 12 or 4 - 6pm South Africa time GMT +2

17th November 

The Cosmological connection and sovereignty of the womb 

with Rev. Mar Sophia

This talks about how our wombs are connected to the star system. You will get to know which stars are your womb ally.

You will know how to elevate your womb intelligence, Spiritually and cosmologically.  

Our wombs are connected to the whole. We are holy and whole.

mar sophia2

My name is Rev T Mar Sophia.

I am a Reverend, Teacher, and a Minister of God (Prime Source Creator). I do not subscribe to any dogma because, according to me God/Source is not a Religion.

I am a professional speaker, community leader, public commentator, accredited SAQA facilitator, and writer on diverse issues of sexuality and human relationships. I offer soul and spiritual coaching, ministerial work, training, courses, retreats, and mentorship on intimate and enriching personal development processes.

I come from a lineage of womb healers ( mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother were all womb healers), a gift that runs very deep in my Matriarch. I took the operation of this gift further by studying and being affiliated with other international bodies, platforms, and people who are in the women/womb healing space. This has broadened my reach from being a local practitioner to also being an international practitioner and has also deepened the medicine I bring into my space.



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18th November 

Energy of Birth

with Divya Deswaal

Understanding the sacred feminine and masculine energy that unfolds during birth.

How can we use this understanding to support both mother and father  during their pregnancy and birth?

Divya Deswal is a doula and doula trainer and mentor, Childbirth educator, HypnoBirthing practitioner. HypnoFertility practitioner, Biodynamic craniosacral therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. PsychK Practitioner, Parent Infant Pathways facilitator(UMN),Pre and perinatal educator and mentor with APPPAH USA

What began as a personal journey to understand the effects of induction, took Divya from her profession as an engineer to the world of babies. Each new experience brought forth a new
layer of understanding, reinforced her belief that the baby is a sentient being, and the journey of motherhood a spiritual one. It also opened up a further inquiry that propelled her to keep learning. In the last 2 decades her work organically integrated pre and perinatal psychology (APPPAH), early infancy period (PIP UMN) trauma and trauma informed care in her work with
expectant families.
She is the founder of The Doula Collective, a training, mentoring and community platform for doulas
She is a mentor for APPPAH USA.
Divya is co-founder of a digital support platform for pregnancy and parenting, www.mamily.in, which offers information and support on the entire journey of parenting.

www.mamily.com | www.doulacollective.co.in

21st November  4pm GMT+2

Birth and the perinatal period, the Sacred Feminine, and its critical role in the creation of thriving communities and society.

with Suzanne Arms

  • how far we've strayed from the wisdom of the biological blueprint for birth and mother-baby, family care
  • the huge role trauma has played in keeping us from achieving our human potential as individuals, parents, communities, and societies
  • what must change, and how
  • midwives, doulas, birth and postpartum educators/coaches as advocates re reconnecting us all to what truly matters

Suzanne Arms is a 78-year-old grandmother and wise elder living in Colorado, author of 7 published nonfiction books (one of which, Immaculate Deception: A New Look at Women and Childbirth, was reviewed by Adrianne Rich on the cover of the New York Times Review of Books, and also named a Best Book of the Year). Arms is a renowned, passionate, and compassionate speaker, photojournalist,  filmmaker, practical visionary, and social activist. She is known for connecting people and connecting the personal, the political, the social, and the environmental. She co-founded one of the first community birth centers, the first resource center for pregnancy, birth, and early parenting, and the first health resource library and project to transform hospitals into healing centers, called Planetree. In 2005 she founded and continues to direct a small nonprofit (BirthingTheFuture.org). She is a founding and active member of The Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (aTLC.org).


22nd November  

Space holding at Birth

with Rome Naidoo

A practical exploration into the art of space holding from the view of Sacred Masculine. How we can support and hold space during birth for anyone who attends births.

Using tools of breathwork, presence and the interplay of Sacred Masculine and Feminine for her to feel safe and open.

Hi my name is Rome Naidoo.
I am a sovereign-birth advocate and Father of 3 kids all birthed at home by my beautiful wife Nicole. I started learning about space holding by working with The Compassionate Birth Project for 5 years now, where I am Director and Head Facilitator, where we train medical students and staff in developing the compassion it takes to hold space for an empowered birth in public health South Africa. I am a trained breathwork and meditation coach as well as Siddha energy healer. I also guide and hold space for groups and one on one clients focussing on Sacred Masculinity.
23rd November  

Intuition and Clinical Skills

with Marianne Littlejohn

An exploration into an experienced and wise view into supporting women during birth. The balance of intuition and clinical skills

What is the place of clinical skills and tools in supporting sovereign, gentle and conscious mother led births?

marianne bio pic

Marianne Littlejohn and is a homebirth midwife of 40 years in South Africa, and sometimes elsewhere. After qualifying in 1979 she started her midwifery journey following the homebirth of her first son, in 1982. She has worked in Birth centres and tertiary care hospitals as well as out of hospital settings. Marianne worked as a research assistant for Dr Nils Bergman, researching Kangaroo Mother Care and has an honours degree in Psychology.  Marianne asks how we " know" things, about ourselves and others, about the world around us. Do we receive sensory information we are unaware of consciously? She explores this vast subject with you. "


28th November  

Delayed Cord Clamping and Placenta practices

with Robin Lim

Deepening our understanding of the implications of not allowing the placenta to continue to flow blood into the baby after birth. How does this affect the baby? The Mother? The system?

Why the practice of delayed cord clamping is so important. All about the benefits on all levels.

A practical discussion into the some of the indigenous practices of the placenta after birth.

Robin Lim CPM is a Filipino–American midwife, mother and grandmother, and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a non-profit organization in Indonesia. Lim also serves on the board of Bumi–Wadah Philippines, where she is known as “Lola Robin.” Her Passion is Human Rights in Childbirth. She believes that each individual is an essential “Piece of Peace” therefore by protecting the mothers in childbirth and the newborns (our smallest citizens of Earth) we may build peace, one Baby, one Mother, one Family at a time.
Along with devoted team members, Ibu (Mother) Robin has been an early responder to many disasters; Aceh (post 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami), following earthquakes in Yogyakarta (2006) Haiti (2010) Nepal (2015) and in the aftermath of super-typhoon Haiyan in Dulag, Philippines.
In 2006 the Alexander Langer Foundation honored Ibu Robin as the Premier Alexander Langer. In 2011 Ibu Robin was chosen CNN Hero of the Year. This gave Midwife–to–Mother care a broader popular platform, worldwide. In 2012 APPPAH, The Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health, gave Ibu Robin the Jeannine Parvati BirthKeeper award, and in 2016 she became Earth Company’s Impact Hero.

Meet your host

Hi, I am Gauri

In my 3rd year of medschool I gave birth to my first son at home. This birth transformed my medical career. I had tasted the divine portal of connection and the Sacred channel of Mother Nature in Birth. I felt empowered, ecstatic, rebirthed.

When I completed my clinicals and witnessed the abuse and trauma at births I became a birth activist for maternity rights at birth.

6 years later, I had completed my required hospital training. I shadowed with a homebirth midwife to learn how to support a woman during a homebirth.

I have dedicated my work to serving women in the capacity of linking them to their own divine healing and autonomy to give Birth like a Goddess.

I have created a course called Sacred Model of Midwifery Training which bridges together the Sacred Wisdom of Birth with the wisdom of Mother Nature - deepening our tools of heart and hand to support women during birth with integrity and clarity.

This two-week intensive is born out of a need to dive deeper into what this means in meeting ourselves in this service.

Me personally, live in between India and South Africa with my husband and 2 sons.

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