Ancient Feminine meets Biology reclaiming the importance of Postpartum in community

27th Nov - 1st Dec

Unlocking Postpartum Wisdom - bridging Ancient tradition and biology

The Importance behind Postpartum

The Neglect of Postpartum: A Tragic Oversight

It's time to reclaim the postpartum period, that sacred, yet often neglected phase of a woman's journey.

We all know how resistant we can be to slow down, to receive, and to nurture ourselves in this profoundly transformative time.

But here's the truth: by embracing the postpartum period, we reclaim a part of ourselves that is ancient and wise, and in doing so, we become vessels of wisdom for the generations to come.

This seminar is a precious opportunity to dive deep into the heart of postpartum care, to explore the exquisite fusion of feminine and womb wisdom with the clinical and biological aspects of this sacred time.

It's a journey that aligns us with the principles of Mother Nature, offering insights and practices that resonate with the deepest fibers of our being.

This seminar isn't just another gathering of knowledge; it's a space for conscious women like you to explore the sacred, to connect with your own inner wisdom, and to embrace the art of nurturing life.

It's a chance to be part of a sisterhood, to share, to learn, and to grow.

But there's something even more profound at play here. It's the realization that the care we provide during the postpartum period isn't just about individual well-being; it's about changing the world.

When we nurture and support mothers through this delicate phase, we're sowing the seeds of a more compassionate and harmonious world.

This is a mission that's close to my heart, and I wholeheartedly invite you to join us in this endeavor. Together, we'll bridge the gaps in women's healthcare, and we'll create a legacy of love, wisdom, and empowerment.

With love

Dr. Gauri

Motherhood is an Initiation

When a woman becomes a mother, it's not merely a biological event; it's a profound movement and initiation into a role that carries immense significance in the tapestry of human existence.

The transition into motherhood is not only about the birth of a child but the rebirth of a woman as a mother. It's a journey that takes her through the depths of her being, challenging her, inspiring her, and nurturing her in ways she's never experienced before. It's a time of transformation, both physically and emotionally, as she adapts to the demands and joys of nurturing a new life.

In our quest for modernity and convenience, we often overlook the ancient wisdom that understands the power and significance of the postpartum period. It's a time when a woman's body and spirit need nourishment, care, and love. It's a time when the village once surrounded her, and while our societal structure has changed, the essence of support and care remains as vital as ever.

We must recognize that postpartum care isn't a luxury; it's a fundamental aspect of women's healthcare. By embracing and respecting this period, we are not only ensuring the health and well-being of mothers but also setting the stage for a more compassionate and harmonious world. When mothers are honored and cared for, they, in turn, pass on that love and nurturing to their children, creating a ripple effect of positivity and love.

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Wisdom of Postpartum schedule

2pm - 4pm South Africa time | 530pm IST | 8am EST

Monday 27th Nov

Importance of Postpartum - Dr Gauri

Postpartum Anxiety - Medicate or Meditate? - Dr Gauri

Tuesday 28th Nov

Planting a Postpartum Garden (Preparing your herbals for postpartum) - Dr Gauri

Yoni Steaming and Yoni Dhoopana - Dr Gauri

Wednesday 29th Nov

Preparing your Postpartum - Marjan de Jong

Ayurveda and Meal Preparation - Marjan de Jong

Thursday 30th Nov

Intimacy after Birth - Tara Williams (perinatal yoga specialist, lactation consultant)

Hearing from postpartum Mothers - Delaney, Jess and Maeven

Friday 1st Dec

Closing the Bones ceremony

Concluding words, networking and interacting

What do you get in the seminar?

  • 3 Expert Speakers
  • 3 Extra-ordinary Mothers
  • 5 days of postpartum wisdom that actually prevents complications and morbidity
  • A deeper look, an appreciation of the importance of this time
  • Accompanying booklets to use to support mothers
  • Recipes, practices, herbals, and more to use in your practice
  • Building like-minded communities and building networks
  • $108 discount off Postpartum Care training (1st Jan 2024)

The potency of how you teach is the way you open dialogue and require each participant to think, and also examine our own preconditioned responses and recognise that they arise. This IS the new way, and is not only respectful of the present frequencies we are riding now, but also what you are is a pioneer, and so is each woman that attends your course.  Every woman that signs up should have some awareness that they too are pioneers with you. You offer the vessel. Don’t doubt yourself. What you do is marvelous beyond words. I am in deep appreciation and awe for your courage.

AW, South Africa

Meet your host

Hi, I am Gauri

The Wisdom of Postpartum seems a natural follow on from our Wisdom of Birth last year.

I found the postpartum time to be irrevocably the most important time in a mother's life - and in turn that is affecting every child born.

It is the most precious opportunity to truly understand the neuro and psychological aspects that are being conditioned and imprinted at this time.

In all my working with women, I have to say - I can see how deeply helpful working and supporting women at this time is.

There is so much resistance on so many levels that working with that at all brings much inner growth and maturity.

Every woman deserves postpartum support after the birth of her child.

Preparation for Postpartum

We prepare for all kind of things in our live. But interesting enough we prepare very well for our birth, but not for the beautiful, intense weeks after giving birth, while the birth of a new mother is just as intense or even more than giving birth.

When the mother is doing well she has the energy and love to take care of her baby. What does she need for her own recovery, how can we support her and her new family?

This presentation includes a deeper understanding of a mother's biology and needs at this time and how Ayurveda can offer wonderful and nourishing support at this time.


More about Marjan De Jong:

With over 25 years of experience in postpartum care, Marjan de Jong is a renowned figure in the field. Her journey began when she delved into Ayurveda during her studies in the United States, where she was introduced to the Mother Baby Program – a holistic approach to postpartum care. Her passion was ignited by her own transformative experience post-childbirth, contrasting starkly with the challenges faced by her neighbor. Marjan believes that postpartum care is every woman's birthright, benefiting not only the mother but also the baby, partner, and society as a whole.

Throughout her extensive career, Marjan has lived in communities where postpartum care was the norm, fostering continuous learning and adaptation. She's delighted to witness the growing attention to the 4th trimester, postpartum care. In addition to supporting new mothers, she has developed a 10-day hands-on course for holistic postpartum care and various workshops. Marjan has been a distinguished guest speaker at symposia and conferences on Ayurved. In 2021, her book 'Omarm de Kraamtijd' (Embracing the Postpartum) was published in the Netherlands, offering wisdom, tips, and recipes to inspire new parents to create a postpartum plan that prioritizes rest, healing, and bonding with their baby. Currently, she is working on translating this invaluable resource into English. Marjan resides in the Netherlands with her husband, two daughters, and their loyal companion, Apollo.


Intimacy after Childbirth

Join Tara, mother of 3, perinatal yoga specialist and works with fertility, prenatal and postnatal support. She is also a lactational counsellor. Tara lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Wisdom of Postpartum

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It was so helpful and beautiful to have access to some of the incredible offering that Gauri has created. Her Postpartum Anxiety toolkit gave me so much insight and helped me prepare and navigate that special but intense time. It has really been such a blessing learning from Gauri. Her wisdom and the love she pours into all she does is inspiring and so so healing.

TK, South Africa

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