I want to talk to you about the potential of the medicine and healing we activate when we do womb work. This will not resonate with all of you and I embrace that with humility and open -armed acceptance as the Universe has SO much SPACE for ALL of US.

But I deeply hope and speak to those that it does resonate with – more or less, wanted or not wanted. I speak to you from a space of Sisterhood in Healing.

You can SHINE from the inherent value of being you. And this cannot be realised easily because it is a jewel. A precious precious jewel that lies in each one of us.

I am so fed up and angry with the current medical system and educational system, social system, that takes this away from us. That dares to tell us the man or woman, but especially the man sitting across from us is qualified to tell us how we feel and how we are meant to feel in our own body?

I am so angry at that because when they bully us into unsatisfying births that leave us feeling so deeply adulterated and unheard at a most vulnerable time for us and then they separate us from our babies and tell us we don’t have enough milk – they are imprinting distrust in our own bodies as woman and mother. And it is incorrect and wrong. Because You can so deeply trust your body, your instincts, your intuitions and your mothering ESPECIALLY when you are transitioning into Mother. Or Maiden. Or Crone.

They are wrong to tell you differently. But society has told us that these are the authorities that care and are right because they know because they have been to medical school and they are a doctor.

So I tried that out. I completed medical school so I could find out what they know. And now I am a doctor and I realise we know NOTHING, we are TAUGHT NOTHING about the body of a woman and true women’s healthcare as it should be.

I remember clearly the gynae, who became “my gynae” at some point. (You know everyone loves to have “their gynae”.) She taught us in 3rd year medicine in a lecture where she explained the very short history of the oral contraceptive pill and the liberation of women to choose when they could have a child.

History is revealing some truths to this story.

I take a lot of this on. And when people tell me a hard birth story, an unfair assessment, a physical invasion, a wrong diagnosis – so many unfairness I take it all on. I will fix that for you. I will write a letter, tell a boss, phone a friend. My heart and soul wants to make that better for you. It wants to make it just and equal. And it bleeds with the pain of unfairness that it has bought you, us, women.

The reason is that the truth is there and is so deeply the opposite. It is the opposite in every way. Starting with the point that you are your own best doctor and gynae, actually. It is you that can learn and connect with your own body in such a dynamic and obvious way that you can steer your own health. That doesn’t mean you do not use healthcare professionals but you can trust your own knowing and intuition of which kind of practitioner to go to and you can discern treatments, managements, communication, practices that resonate with you and you feel comfortable and safe following.

For example – if you are having irregular periods and some acne and you go to a gynae he may suggest the oral contraceptive pill because it will regulate your monthly bleeds and clear your acne. Now you may have done some research and some intuitive connecting with your own body and you may feel that the pill is not right for you for so many reasons that are there. Or you try the pill and then realise its not feeling right.

In fact the oral contraceptive pill overrides your own bodies natural cycle and ovulation so it gives you a false cycle based on the hormones in the pill and inhibits your own oestrogen and hormonal secretions. So you are right.

You may attend a red tent circle. You may read a book or listen to a podcast. You may stumble upon lunar cycling. Or seed cycling. Or charting. Or fertility awareness. Or green menstruation products. Or dietary options. There are so many varied resources to bring into your healing, rather than a doctor who we are socialised to feel inferior to.

Now we start incorporating some of these aspects into our lives. But what happens is that not only may our periods become more regular and symptom free but we start opening up to other wisdoms about our female body.

We start realising how our wombs and yonis (word for vagina meaning “Sacred Entrance” in Sanskrit) – are more than just words or things to be shy about or crude about. We start to connect healing emotions, stuck patterns, extreme feelings of shame, resentment, anger – we start to see how working with a tight, painful vagina during sex can be deeply related to ourselves truly honouring and allowing ourselves to “desire”. To desire a career, children, certain luxuries, warmth, home, security, a loving husband – it can unpack to our system of feeling worthy. Where does our intrinsic feeling of value lie? How do we judge ourselves on this? Where did that judging come from? Is it your judging or someone elses?

We have opened up these conversations by engaging with our wombs, yonis, vulva, cervix in a different way than before. We have stopped looking at an annoying monthly bleed as an opportunity to sink deeply into our personal cycles and rhythms and back again – to honouring our deepest desires.

We came into touch with our blood through using clothpads or mooncups and it has lead us to an appreciation that we hadn’t had before. They all told us it was dirty, we were dirty, it must be discarded before anyone can know or see, and we must carry on without anyone knowing.

But we saw the blood and it wasn’t so bad. Actually it was beautiful as it fell into the basin or toilet. And we remember the biology of fertility and the release of the womb lining after an unfertilised egg. And we have been charting our emotions and our cycles so we connect that our moods are inwards, quiet, reclusive, restful at this time.

And worlds open up more and more as we expand to know this and feel it and experience it. We allow it without judgement. Actually we make space for it. And positivity flows with the gratitude that this new acceptance invites and celebrates.

We look around now for affirmation from this strong strong wave of affirmation. Waves of shedding the old and embracing the new. The SHINING is addictive in the most positive way. It is fully embracing YOU! The dear HEART and SHINE in you that is exquisitely perfect, individual and ready to shine.

And you are so deeply DEEPLY supported by Divine Feminine to know this and to feel it and She Gives YOU FULL Permission to celebrate YOUR deepest heart desire.

We are SO hardwired to hold onto pain. Especially women. We will take the pain for everyone in our Mother Archetype. And it is extremely uncomfortable and challenging on our inner sense of value to ask for help from anyone. Until we may be put into that situation forcably. But until then we “can do it all ourselves”.

So we carry it. And our shoulders get sore. SO painful. SO tight. So heavy and bruised. The pain may radiate down the arm or into our neck, ear and scalp.

Listen it Says.

Listen to the Beat of Your Heart.

For the answer lies there.

The answer lies there.

The answer lies there.

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