Dear Sacred Sistar

The Womb Room

Your invitation to enter a Sacred Space for Women to come together in Sisterhood, to heal with Ancient practices, and share deep Space and support in our journey of Sacred Feminine

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What do I get in the Womb Room?

  • Monthly online gatherings sharing Ancient Feminine practices
  • Whatsapp support container for regular interactions, sharing and caring
  • Access to me for any clinical or health questions to receive Womb Wisdom as Medicine (full wholistic feminine based care approaches)
  • Recipes of Herbals, elemental wisdoms, Ancient Feminine prayers, guided meditations
  • 25% off all my courses and workshops online
  • An experience of meeting your Pure Sovereign Self as Your Own Best Healer in a deeply transformative and healing container

Why a Womb Room?

After many years working in clinical medicine, as a woman, doing women's circles, workshops and homebirths felt the paradigm of a doctor's consultation is mostly an unnecessary and quite a patriarchal approach to the potential of our healing.

I have seen women longing for a bridge to interface the hormonal prescription or the pap smear result with a reliable approach that is natural, aligned with the beautiful intention of our bodies.

The way our body communicates with us has been labeled as symptoms. Womb Wisdom as medicine invites you to look deeper at what our body is communicating with us in terms of what it needs to THRIVE!

When we tune in, listen and trust ourselves - we find a healing journey that taps into the magical primal intelligence of Mother Earth and Our Sacred Wombs.

This healing takes us beyond and within our physical healing to feeling worthy, valued, happy and at peace.

It challenges our core beliefs and invites us to listen to our Mother Lines, Our Mother Wounds, Our Heritages and Our learnt trauma responses from our gestation, birth and childhood.

This is for you if:

  • you are longing for a different paradigm for healing in your bones and can feel your soul calling out for the Greatest and Most Radical Healing Experience available to us beautiful Ladies.


This is NOT for you if:

  •  you are not ready to put the time into practice to regulate and nourish your nervous system
  • if you are not ready to be triggered
  • and are not ready to interact or share in Sacred space.


I am Gauri.

I longed to be a doctor to heal people, but my journey through medicine showed me that medicine is not about healing.

So I journeyed within, through the wisdom of the plants, the elements, my life experience, so many traditional indigenous practices and herbals,

I danced with Sangomas and I prayed in yajna with Vedic priests. But mostly I have listened to the heartbeat of the WOMBEN I meet and who birth with me.

We need a different way to heal. A way that is deeply aligned with our Sanctuary and Source.

Thank you for chosing to be here, now.

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