Womb Room Healing Circles

Monthly membership with first 12 week course starting 21 January 2023

A held and guided healing space for women searching for sacred feminine wisdom approach to whole woman healing.

Do you:

seek healing wisdom to understand how to communicate with your body?

Do you believe you are your best healer and are looking for a course that supports your innate healing wisdom?

Are you tired of limited approaches to women's healthcare but don't know where to start and who to trust?

You know you need a community of like-minded sisters to support these kinds of deeper healing practices and approaches, as we unfold layers to deeper our own inner alignment with our own healing and profound self-love learning path.

And in this way make sense, and get to the root of unhealthy patterns of illness or disconnect within our body and mind which manifest as symptoms, disease, or discomfort.

While deepening healthy patterns of aligning our lives with our inner soul purpose, bringing joy, wellness and abundance.


Would you like to:

Join a closed sisterhood of women also seeking sacred womb wisdom?

Become part of an online community where we can grow together as we share our journeys. 

In circles and sisterhoods we grow by sharing and reflecting, being seen and realising you are not alone!

A woman's healing path is including but beyond the physical body. Our healing community delves into various aspects every 3 months via challenges, book circles, focused topics like Sacred Sex, Sacred Birth, Womb Wisdom as Medicine, The Mother Wound, Sacred Sovereignty. 

Are you ready to dive into these healing layers with resources like practices, step by step courses, Red Tent circles, women's healing circles, rituals, herbals and Nature.

What do you get from the membership?

Access to pre-recorded book clubs, courses, workshops and guides as well as current ones. 

Regular live courses on various aspects of womb wisdom as medicine - from spiritual layers to mental, emotional and physical aspects using ritual, herbals, circles and more for your healing journey

Community! Of like-minded sisterhood to share in confidence and support each other through our challenges and joys and come together regularly. 

Growing resources for Reframing Women's Healthcare - replacing a clinical approach to our body with the Wise Woman approach - everything you need to know to celebrate in awe and gratitude - our amazing female body. 

3 month membership includes:

Next course starts 21 January 2023

Weekly online zoom circles for 12 weeks 

Step by step guideline for Basic Foundations for Aligning Yourself for Womb Wisdom as Medicine (transformational healing)

Discounts on group courses, consult and other offers

Access to like-minded support groups for pregnancy, new mothers, sacred birthkeeping and Red Tent sisterhoods - on whatsapp, telegram and live circles. 


Teaching Style

The potency of how you teach is the way you open dialogue and require each participant to think, and also examine our own preconditioned responses and recognize that they arise. This IS a new way and is not only respectful of the present frequencies we are riding now, but also what you are is a pioneer, and so is each woman that attends your course.

SJ, South Africa

Pioneering Change

What you do is marvelous beyond words. I am in deep appreciation and awe for your courage.

SJ, South Africa

What will we cover?



Here we prepare mentally and physically for the next few weeks. We clarify our intention and align with Sacred Wisdom.


Nutrition and Earth

Our relationship with food on a physical, mental and spiritual level is unpacked. Guides towards deepening our intuition and consciousness around eating as well as specific health plans and recipes.


Hydration and Detoxification

Quality and quantity of Water we use, The water codes within the water element. Using our body's natural ways to detox and supporting with herbals and practices.


Movement and Rest

Understanding the importance of movement and flow for our health and energetic balance. Deepening our connection with rest and sleep as a founding step for innate healing wisdom.


Womb Wisdom as Medicine

The perspective of womb wisdom as medicine, is a lens of a woman's body journey to healing as a way of guiding her soul to manifest and live in it's highest alignment and joy.


Nature as Medicine

Harnessing the wisdom of Mother Nature as our greatest healer by her innate healing codes of creation, life and destruction, as well as by her herbals and plant allies.



Red Tent Circles

A sisterhood unfolding the wise ways of the womb and circle healing in the mysteries and practices of womb wisdom. We meet online on full and new moon.


Personalised Input

Personalised feedback based on Dr Gauri's experience of western, herbal, ayurvedic and functional medicine combined with womb wisdom.

This IS for you if ...

you are tired of not breaking through in your health

ready to put your words into action and make changes in your life for your whole healing 

you are following a wise woman approach to healing but need a container of like-minded women

want to heal and connect with your body the way Mother Nature intended with trust and kindness

understand the mind and body connection and want a holistic and sovereign way to heal your body and mind for yourself and your family

This is NOT for you if ...

You don't have time to implement the changes and wake up earlier as needed

have more faith in science and technology and think we should listen to those authorities

you believe the doctor knows what is best for you and your body

can't commit to attending the circles and doing the inner love work 

want a quick fix 

Meet your expert

hi there,

I'm Gauri

After studying medicine and practicing in hospitals and then private practices for over 13 years, I now practice a combination of the herbal, traditional and functional medicine I have since studied too.

However what fascinated me was the gap in the needs of women and what gynaecology as women's healthcare offered.

I realised the biology and a woman's experience of her body (and the world) are guided and influenced by energies that manifest as beliefs, wounds, traumas, perspectives, our stories and our dramas ultimately becoming our symptoms and our dis-eases.

I also realised there is so much more to be offered in our healing journey that surpases a wish for health and is more about inner peace, finding your bliss and living your shine.

We are realising there is a magical way of living and it is available to us through the wisdom of our wombs.

I now dedicate my time to teaching. practicing and living Reframing Women's Healthcare.

I live in a small seaside town in South Africa with my 2 sons and husband.

Access your own womb wisdom

Do you feel you have lost a connection with your body?

You have a strong sense you can trust your own body as healer but you don't know where to start?

You are struggling to commit and stick to changes that you know you want to make in your life.

We aren't meant to struggle alone. Healing can be fun, dynamic, social and joyful!


Next course starts 21st January 2023

Join our Womb Room Healing Circles

The course runs for 10 weeks with check-in on week 12. Below are options for monthly payments over 3 months or a once off payment for 3 months.


Pay In Full - for 3 month course

    • Step by Step guide to laying down strong healing foundations
    • Held container space in circles and groups with other women walking this path - Sisterhood
    • Access to previous courses, videos, articles, discounts and consults

$108 per month

x 3 Monthly Payments

    • Step-by-step guide to laying strong healing foundations
    • Held container space in circles and groups with other women walking this path - Sisterhood
    • Access to previous courses, videos, articles, discounts and consults

Dr Gauri carries profound wisdom

and insight into what new mothers need on a practical, emotional, s[iritual and physical level. The Caring for the Postpartum Mother course covers everything you need to know about caring for a woman in postpartum, from learning how to prepare foods and tea blends that nourish the new mother and support her healing and recovery, to understanding how to listen, support and offer gentle advice to mothers on breastfeeding, self-care and mental wellbeing with compassion. This course really does cover it all in such a thorough but loving and gentle way. Dr. Gauri's work in this space is revolutionizing postpartum care and I'm so grateful I have had the opportunity to learn from you, Gauri, so I can be of service o women in the way you have been of service to me.

RV, New Zealand

In this unique phase of my life

I have to say everything you spoke about resonated so deeply with me. I am so thankful and grateful that you are doing these courses and are taking time to enlighten women on this topic.

LS, South Africa


Are there refunds?
Unfortunately not in general. The installments can be made monthly or for 3 months at a time. Reasonable, unavoidable, and emergency reasons will naturally be considered.

Will the circles be available on replay?
Yes. All circles will be recorded. You will have access to all the course material for the foreseeable future. It is desirable to join our live sessions so we can connect, network, get to know each other, and really get the most we can from this.

Are sponsorships available?

Yes, people's individual circumstances are considered. Please contact Gauri by email to share your interest in the course and consider a payment or exchange proposal.

Will the course be done again?
The replay and resources including the step-by-step guide will be available to buy as a course alone, or as part of the membership in the future. It may be done live again too.

Is there a discounted price for South Africa, India and other situations?

Yes. Please email me for South African rand and Indian ruppee prices. Or for your relevant situation or location.


Yes! But...

Does this all resonate loudly YES! in your heart but there are still some doubts in your mind?

Investing in another group course can be intimidating especially if you have had some bad experience before or if your budget is slim.

I encourage you to sit for a few moments in silence and allow your breath to come into your centre. Connect with your breath as you inhale and release.

Ask yourself what you truly wish to know for yourself in terms of your health, wellness and feeling in your body.

Ask yourself, if this course will support you in this journey and if the time is right now or not yet.

Continue breathing and slowly come back to awareness of present. Reflect on what came up for you and how you wish to act next.

Laying the Foundations for Womb Wisdom as Medicine course

Choose from an option below to sign up for our first course - Preparing our Body and Mind for Womb Wisdom as Medicine.


Pay In Full - 3 month course

    • Step-by-step guide to laying down strong healing foundations
    • Held container space in circles and groups with other women walking this path - Sisterhood
    • Access to previous courses, videos, articles, discounts and consults


$108 per month

x 3 Monthly Payments

    • Step-by-step guide to laying down strong healing foundations
    • Held container space in circles and groups with other women walking this path - Sisterhood
    • Access to previous courses, videos, articles, discounts and consults


Thank you for all your efforts, Gauri.

For being so intimate in your sharing. For putting forward women's health the way you do. And for being the most supportive human being I know when it comes to birth, postpartum, and motherhood. I have never met anyone else like you and I am so honored to have you in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

LS, South Africa
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