I haven’t written a blog for a while. I have found it quite consuming navigating the world of medicine and finding my place.

Or making my place.

The more I place myself in the niche of women’s health – the more there is a resistance and a huge triggering among male energies or forces. The stronger the forces to discipline, and control; and use material power become.

Because the more I place myself in service for women’s health – the more I stand in a place where I need to be in integrity with so many things in order to hold that service.

Which means when I am speaking about how a woman flows in nature, and tapping into the female, creative, passionate, wild, yet gentle, essence means my own life needs to be full of the very things I know are so essential to a woman’s wellbeing.

And then at that contract of consciousness and from that moment in awareness – at that same time – we shall most probably begin to encounter the very life stories, challenges, adventures and dramas that will bring to front an absolutely perfect opportunity to practice those very things despite those very challenges – or so we call them.

Are you following?

Because that means as more of us turn, rising and standing in our shakti – and owning our stories and still rising – we may just encounter resistance towards us as a group energy as well as uniform themes that may cross our individual experiences too.

What this practically means for me – is that I am acutely aware that healthcare as we know it and specifically women’s healthcare – has some huge gaps in truly coming to serve and respect women and women’s body.

So I am bringing in many ancient traditions and wise women wisdoms and botanical wisdom and astrological wisdom and so much more into a practice that is remarkably different from any other medical practice.

But most of all what I am finding so much interesting on my path … is the power of our story and the multi-layeredness of what makes up a woman’s health and wellbeing.

And how in the end – we are all just really searching for the same thing. And honestly in essence – it seems like the whole journey and the whole drama may all be very well just helping you (and I) to come to that very self-loving spot – that we keep looking for out there – right in here.

And the journey of coming true to that – is why women’s health needs you.

Because as each one of us rise, or consider to rise, or stand for oneself – we are aligning to the very same female earth energetic power who too, is rising against the masculine archetype of force and control.

And we can all heal and come back to balance – together.

And so shall end most annoying and very common symptoms.

So we all Women, and Women’s Healthcare – we need YOU.


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